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AA A.A.S. Select Readings

AA-1: A.A.S. Select Readings

AA-2: A.A.S. 333 Readings

AA-3: A.A.S. 561 / GGS 662 Readings

AA-4: TNS/A.A.S. 560 Readings

AA-5: A.A.S. 254 Readings/Videos

AA-6: A.A.S 355 Readings 

BI Brain/Intelligence (BI)

BI-1: Reading (same as M-2)--touch_brain_develop 2

BI-2: Reading (same as ER-3)--rac--intellig_bellcurv (source)

BI-3: Reading--mirror_neur__keys 2

BI-4: Reading--mirror_neur_perry  4

BI-5: Reading--poverty_children_brain_size  4
BI-6: Reading--intelligence, maturity, and the teen brain 4
CG Class--general (CG)
CG-1: Reading 17--clas_definition (blackwel) 7

CG-1(a): Reading--clas_clas_analysis_wolf_polli 5

CG-1(b): Reading--clas_monopolies_resn_wolf 18

CG-2: Reading 19--stratification--concepts--grusky (source) 27

CG-3: Reading 23--teach_clas 7

CG-3(a): Reading--teach_clas_chart 1

CG-4: Reading 40--not wasp--clas--novak (source) 6

CG-5: Reading 89(c)--clas_mant (source)

CG-6: Reading 89(d)--clas_sons (source)
CG-7: Reading 29--review--capitalism--new middleclas (self) 2

CG-8: Reading--Urban Archipelago [Class and geography: Red States versus Blue States] 10 (Same as CRN-9)

Capitalism (see Class--class warfare; Class--globalization)
Civil Rights (see Race--civil rights)
Civil War--U.S. (see History--United States)
CRN Class-race nexus (CRN)

CRN-1: Reading 12--delg_stef_ch1_after_we're_gon--bell (source) 7

CRN-2: Reading 12(a)--bell--obit 2

CRN-3: Reading 13--delg_stef_8_whit--econ_costs-Bell (source) 5

CRN-4: Reading 20--econ_of_rac--reich (source) 6

CRN-5: Reading 21--wilson_race_class

CRN-6: Reading 21(a)--ch 5--critique of wilson (source) 28

CRN-7: Reading 21(b)--ch 6--critique of wilson (source) 33

CRN-8: Reading 35--red-blue--Obama--Hanes, et. al 6

CRN-9: Reading 36--Urban Archipelago [Class and geography: Red States versus Blue States] 10 (Same as

CRN-10: Reading 37--ch 4--repub--fear--rac-clas-delgado (source) 26

CRN-11: Reading 85--clas_repub_southern strag_feld (source)

CRN-12: Reading 89(a)--rac_incom_diverg (source)

CRN-12(a) Reading--(Same as CW/CS-3(a))--clas_mobility_chet_research
CRN-13: Reading--health_rac_clas
CRN-14: Reading*-- Race, Class, and Law in a Capitalist Democracy--instructor's lecture notes (same as RCR-26)* 90
CW/CS Class--class warfare--class struggle--capitalism (CW/CS)

CW/CS-1: Reading 18(a)--clas_wealth_incom_power_domin 27

CW/CS-2: Reading 18(b)--clas_new-CBO_data

CW/CS-3: Reading 18(c)--clas_mobility_data

CW/CS-3(a): Reading--clas_mobility_chet_research

CW/CS-4: Reading 24--clas_lionhearts--lapham (source) 3

CW/CS-4(a) Reading--clas_warfare_consequences_pack_unravelling 4

CW/CS-5: Reading 27--clas_tax form--big banks--bankrupt--taxpayers 2

CW/CS-6: Reading 27(a)--clas_occupyWS 1

CW/CS-7: Reading 27(a.1)--clas_food_agribusiness  3

CW/CS-8: Reading 27(b)--clas_UB_simulation 3

CW/CS-9: Reading 27(c)--clas_suburbs 1

CW/CS-10: Reading 27(d)--clas_tax_evas 3

CW/CS-10(a): Reading 27(e)--clas_tax_evas_global 4

CW/CS-10(b): Reading 27(f)--clas_tax_evas_Africa 2

CW/CS-10(c): Reading--clas_tax_evas_apple 3

CW/CS-10(d): Reading--clas_incom_inequal_global_oxfam_report 12

CW/CS-10(e): Reading--unequal taxation system 5

CW/CS-11: Reading 28(a)--clas_child labor_inequality

CW/CS-12: Reading 28(b)--clas_child labor_USpast

CW/CS-13: Reading 31--clas_CBO data--inequal--patch_diabetes--wealth_distrib 20

CW/CS-14: Reading 31(a)--clas_inequality_early childhood

CW/CS-15: Reading 31(b)--clas_inequality_child_health_school

CW/CS-16: Reading 32--clas_tax dollars--budget 2

CW/CS-17: Reading 39--clas--Gates--Buffet--philanth 5

CW/CS-18: Reading 39(a)--clas--Koch--clas warfare

CW/CS-19: Reading 45--spirit-inequality-review  8

CW/CS-19(a): Reading--clas_inequality_civilizational collapse 2

CW/CS-20: Reading 45(a)--stig--inequality--vanity 4

CW/CS-20(a): Reading--capital_inequality_future_piket 8

CW/CS-21: Reading 83--taxes_clas_johnst (source)

Reading 84--corporat_clas_hart (source)

CW/CS-23: Reading 85(a)--clas_elections_money

CW/CS-24: Reading 87--clas_mass med_delga (source)

CW/CS-25: Reading 88--clas_incom_diverg (source)

CW/CS-26: Reading 89--clas_incom_diverg_graphics (source)

CW/CS-27: Reading 89(b)--clas_health (source)

CW/CS-28: Reading 102 (c) over_develop_obesity

CW/CS-28(a): Reading food_obes_corp 10

CW/CS-29: Reading
--time and capit_thomp 42

CW/CS-30: Reading--Socially Responsible Capitalism (Multiple Readings Packet)

CW/CS-31: Reading--fast_food_pov_wages (source)

CW/CS-31(a): Reading--19 fast_food facts

CW/CS-32: Reading--Social Safety Net 5

CW/CS-32(a): Reading--Democracy (Note: link first takes you to "Teaching Materials" page.)
CW/CS-33: Reading--Is Marx relevant?_Varoufakis 7

CW/CS-34: Making a Killing: The Business and Politics of Selling Guns 9

CW/CS-35: Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute

Class--education (see Education--class)
Class--globalization (see Globalization--general)
Critical Race Theory (see Race--civil rights/law)
D Disability (D)

D-1: Reading 30--disablement--prison--rac--clas 6

D-2: Reading 30(a)--manufac_disability_war 5

D-3: Reading 30(b)--disability--wom--rac--clas (source)

D-4: Reading 30(c)--disab_king_speec_film

D-5: Reading 30(d)--infograph
D-6: Reading--environment pollution and disability 1
D-7: Reading--gun violence and disability 5

D-8: Reading--gun violence statistics 10

D-9: Reading--The Sexual Assault Epidemic... (Gender, Disability, and Sexual Violence)

EC Education--class (EC)

EC-1: Reading 64--clas--rac--schools I--Roth (source) 58

EC-2: Reading 65--clas--rac--schools II--Roth (source) 11
EC-3: Reading 18--clas_sack--edu--review 3

EC-4: Reading--clas_preschool_DNA 2
EG Education--general (EG)

EG-1: Reading 22--core_curric

EG-2: Reading 22(a)--core_curric

EG-3: Reading 22(b)--core_curric

EG-4: Reading 41--children--sleep--nurture--Bron (source) 18

EG-5: Reading 42--cell blocks or clasrooms 14

EG-6: Reading 48--chart school perform 10
EG-7: Reading 49--checking charters 2

EG-8: Reading 50--time and schools 3

EG-9: Reading 51--pay for perform--teachers 4

EG-10: Reading 54--school recess 4

EG-10: Reading 56--special ed 13

EG-11: Reading 57--learning styles 6

EG-12: Reading 66--pub schools--pub good 18 

EG-13: Reading--common core standards 12
EG-14: Reading--how much does teacher quality matter? 6

EHE Education--higher education (EHE)

EHE-1: Reading 90--hed_rac_in_clasroom (source)

EHE-2: Reading 92--hed_edu_teachers_whit (source)

EHE-3: Reading 99--hed_edu_access_roth (source)

EHE-4: Reading 99(a)--hed_edu_afric_americ_grad_rates

EHE-5: Reading--hed_edu_asia_amer_affirm_act_dilemma 2
EHE-6: Reading--afr_am_stereo_hed 20

EHE-7: Reading--valu of a major 2

EHE-8: Reading--Higher Education in Africa (multiple readings)

ER Education--race (ER)

ER-1: Reading 46--deseg demise--bell 4

ER-2: Reading 47 --resegregation--mcneal 11

ER-2(a): Reading --resegregation--orfield 17

ER-3: Reading 55 (same as BI-2)--rac--intellig_bellcurv (source)

ER-4: Reading 58--teacher ed--critical rac theory 17 

ER-5: Reading 59--race--SAT scores 2

ER-6: Reading 93--edu_urban_rac (source)

ER-7: Reading 94--edu_nclb_rac_crt_leonard (source)

ER-8: Reading 95--multicult_controv_taka (source)

ER-9: Reading 96--edu_teach_schl_afric_leid (source)

ER-10: Reading 96(a)--edu_teach_schl_immig_leid

ER-11: Reading 96(b)--edu_teach_schl_nativ_asia_leid

ER-12: Reading 97--rac_asia_latin_roth (source)

ER-13: Reading 98--rac_asia_eco_roth (source)

ER-14: Reading 100--edu_acces_law_brow_marsh (source)

ER-15: Reading--edu_rac_report_dept of edu

ER-16: Reading (same as RCR-9(a))--Brown v. Board of Education Packet (multiple readings)

ER-17: Reading (same as RCR-9(b))--brown_martin 14

ER-18: Reading--minorities education today Packet (multiple readings)

ER-19: Reading--delg_stef_ch39_afric-americ_immers_sch_brow 12

ER-20: Reading--afr_am_schoo_discip_mississi 18

ER-21: Reading--afr_am_edu_sham_kozo1 (source) 18

ER-21(a): Reading--afr_am_edu_sham_kozo2

ER-21(b): Reading--afr_am_edu_sham_kozo10

ER-22: Reading--afr_americ_sch_to_priso_pipe 12

ER-23: Reading--latin_afr_am_sch_equity 12

ER-23(a): Reading--latin_am_mendez_v_westmins 5
ER-24: Reading--AERA_compel_interest (affirm act)

ER-25: Reading--stereo_threat_steel

ER-26: Reading--black boys and schooling

ER-26(a): Reading--black children, teachers, and implicit [racial] bias

ER-27: Reading
--segregation today 15

      ER-28: Reading
The Black and White Politics of Race on America's Campuses Today 24

      ER-29: Reading
Native Americans and the Tyranny of Boarding Schools

FG Film--general (FG)

FG-1: Reading 107--film notes packet (multiple readings)

FG-2: Reading--study guide for Inside_Job

FG-3: Reading--intro to cinema: preliminary notes packet (multiple readings)

G Gender--general (G)

G-1: Reading 44--patriarchy--johnson (source) 8

G-2: Reading 60--patriarch--definition (blackwe)11

G-3: Reading--schaef_gender_chap 20

G-4: Reading--lorb_wolf_social_cons_gend/ rac_gend_fem_strugg 17 (Same as GRN-3)

G-5: Multiple Readings Packet

G-6: Reading--work/life balance_slaughter 12
G-7: Reading--gend_diff_ personality 2

G-8: Reading--Development of Feminist Political Consciousness  16  

GG Globalization--general (GG)

GG-1: Reading 28--child migrants 21

GG-2: Reading 33--clas_global_chinese workers--tribune--tofani 29

GG-3: Reading 33(a)--clas_global_exploit 4

GG-4: Reading 52--rac--international develop 12

GG-5: Reading 102:  (consump_consumerism_global)

GG-6: Reading 102 (a) (global_poverty)

GG-7: Reading 102 (b) (conseq_consumerism)

GGW Globalization--global warming (GGW)

GGW-1: Reading--causing global warming 3

GGW-2: Reading--climate change and the world's poor 12

GL Gender and Law (GL)

GL-1: --Forced Sterilization of Women and the U.S. Supreme Court 

GL-2: --Law and Gender (Meritor Savings bank v. Vinson [1986])

GL-3: --The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement: Title IX...

GL-4: --Law, Gender, and Race: Sexual Harassment (Anita Hill versus Clarence Thomas)

GL-4(a)--Clarence Thomas I (the tragic legacy of the fiasco of Anita Hill Senate hearings)

GL-4(b)--Clarence Thomas II
(the tragic legacy of the fiasco of Anita Hill Senate hearings) 

GRN Gender-race nexus (GRN)

GRN-1: Reading 7--comparing rac/gen--110_delga_stefan (source) 7

GRN-2: Reading 26--clas--rac--gender--barone 11
GRN-3: Reading--lorb_wolf_social_cons_gend/ rac_gend_fem_strugg 17 (Same as G4)
GRN-4: Reading--Combahee_black_feminism

GRN-5: Reading--Women of Color and the Wage Gap (Institutional Racism in Practice)

GRN-5(a): Reading--Addendum--Women of Color and the Wage Gap
(Institutional Racism in Practice)

GRN-6: Reading--Occupational Segregation in America
(Institutional Racism in Practice)

GVM Gender--sexual abuse/violence/misogyny (GVM)
GVM-1: Reading 60(a)--misogyny--sex--music 13

GVM-2: Reading 60(b)--misogyny--sex--music 18

GVM-3: Reading 60(c)--misogyny--sex--music 19

GVM-4: Reading 60(d)--misogyny--sex--music 22

GVM-5: Reading--violence-stats 2

GVM-5(a): Reading---violence-CDC_report 5

GVM-5(b): Reading---violence-mass_shoot 4

GVM-6: Reading 61(a)--part 1--sex_viol--milit 5

GVM-7: Reading 61(b)--part 2--sex_viol--milit 5

GVM-7(a)--sex_viol_milit_ 8

GVM-8: Reading 62--sex abuse--pris 5

GVM-9: Reading 62(a)--sex abuse--pris 3

GVM-10: Reading 62(b)--sex abuse--pris--act 2

GVM-11: Reading 62(c)--sex abuse--pris--commis--rep 47

GVM-12: Reading 63--sex abuse--edu 8

GVM-13: Reading--sex_viol_HIV 8

GVM-14: Reading--human trafficking (modern day slavery)

GVM-15: Reading--Man Boasts of Sexual Assault.... 4

Higher Education (see Education--higher education)
HR Human Rights (HR)

HR-1: Reading--The Universal_Decla_Human_Rights

HS History--Slavery (HS)

HS-1: Reading 91(d)--slav trad_oxf 21

HS-2: Reading 91(d1)--slavery_oxf/britt 11

HS-3: Reading 91(d2)--sugar_oxf 5

HU History--United States (HU)

HU-1: Reading 109--black hist_US hist_dorsey 5

HU-2: Reading 91(e)--war_indep_blacks_oxf 11

HU-3: Reading 109(a)--amist_civil war_oxf 9
HU-4: Reading--Lincoln_Marx_civil war 12

HU-5: Reading--Lincoln's Gettysburg Address 1

HU-6: Reading--Chronology of U.S. History 
HU-7: Reading--13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (same as M-10)

HW History--World (HW)

HW-1: Reading--AIPAC and the 1% (Israeli Palestinian conflict) Hedges 3

HW-2: Reading 103--Voyage of the St. Louis (Jewish Refugees and the United States)

HW-2(a): Reading--Holocaust Just Got More Shocking (new data) 4

HW-3: Reading 16--Columbus and Race-The Crusades (self) 10

HW-4: Reading 110--Columbian Exchange-Apples 5 (source)

HW-5: Reading 110(a)--Columbian Exchange-Potatoes 32

HW-6: Reading 110(b)--Columbian Exchange-Sugar 24

HW-7: Readings--United States Relations with South Africa (multiple readings)

HW-8: Vasco da Gama 

HW-10: Reading--Columbian Exchange  Note: see also the diagram in Part H of the Online Course Materials (the page that brought you to this page).

HW-11: Reading--Tiananmen Square Protests and Massacre (a brief timeline in text and pictures)

HW-11(a): Reading--Tiananmen Square Protests (a timeline)

HU Humor/comedy

HU-1: Reading--Towards a Methodology of Humor

IM  Immigration/Immigrants (IM) (excluding immigration from Canada and Europe) See also RBB-Race--beyond the black-white binary  (RBB).

IM-1 (same as RI1)--asia_migra_exclus_laws

IM-2 (same as RI2)--chin_exclus_laws_foreig_poli

IM-2(a) Reading--chin_fourteenth_martz

IM-3: Reading_199_12--gang_terro_trad_elku 4

IM-4: Reading_199_11--compar_urba_cris_mod_city_arnes 9

IM-5: Reading_199_10--rac_format_asia_amer_wing 17 (Same as RBB-8)

IM-5(a): Reading--Making of Asian Americans_author_interview 3

IM-6: Reading_199_7--9-11_afric_americ_kareng 4

IM-7: Reading_199_6--two_warr_ideal_afric_americ_patrio_9-11 15

IM-8: Reading_199_1--ara_rac_lesson_9-11 2

IM-9: (same as R2) 3

IM-10: Reading_199_5--lit_engag_korea_afric_americ 10

IM-11: Reading--rac_eth_immig_schaef (source) 26

IM-12: Reading--1965_immig_act 8

IM-13: Reading--isra_immig_gold (source) 8

IM-14: Reading--immig_life_descent_disapp_mahl 8

IM-15: Reading+Audio--child_refugees_South America 11

IM-16: Reading--Mass Deportation: Mexican-Americans 3

L Law/Law Enforcement--police, courts, prisons (L)

L1: Reading--arab_latin_polic

L2: Reading--tortur_compare

L3 Reading (same as RDP1: Reading 14)--death_penalty_rac_clas 10

L4: Reading--death penalty: execution of an innocent man in Texas 4

L5: Reading--Clarence Thomas (five worst Supreme Court justices) 5

L6: Reading (same as RCR-24: Reading)--letter to Clarence Thomas_Higginbotham 15

L7: Reading--The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech 5

L8: Reading--9/11 versus the U.S. Constitution

M Miscellaneous (M)

M-1: Reading 108--liner notes

M-1(a): Reading--notes on jazz

M-2: Reading 104 (same as BI-1)--touch_brain_develop

M-3: Reading--intellectuals versus pseudo-intellectuals_baran

M-3(a): Reading--Universities and liberation struggles 

M-4: Reading--understand_politic_cartoons

M-5: Reading--concerts: listening with your eye

M-6: Reading--U.S. military industrial complex
M-7: Reading--race, class, and law in a capitalist democracy (same as CRN-14)90

M-8: Writing Research/Term Papers--Essential Resources.

M-9: Faculty Workload and the Tenure Promotion Process

M-10: Reading--13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution

M-11: Reading--Democracy: Procedural and Authentic

M-12: Readings--Readings on the Voting Rights Act; Niagara Movement; Montgomery Bus Boycott; etc.

M-13: Reading--Chronology of U.S. History

M-14: Reading--Nelson Mandela: A Biographical Timeline in Words and Pictures
RAA Race--affirmative action (RAC)

RAA-1: Reading 5--aversive--affirm--dovidio 2

RAA-2: Reading 5(a)--aversive_affirm--steinberg (source)

RAA-3: Reading--myths_aversive--affirm 7
RAA-4: Reading--Why Diversity Programs Fail 7

RBB Race--beyond the black-white binary  (RBB) See also IM-Immigration/Immigrants (IM).

RBB-1: Reading--asia_mayoral_poli 1

RBB-2: Reading--latin_mayoral_poli 2

RBB-3: Reading--obam_reelect_asia_latin 2

RBB-4: Reading--anti_asia_viol 2

RBB-5: Reading--hate_crimes 32

RBB-6: Reading--nikk_jind_politi_govern 2

RBB-7: Reading--stereotypes_asian-americ 2

RBB-8: Reading--asian-americ_hist 18 (same as IM-5)
RBB-9: Reading--Rohingya_Burma 13

RBB-10: Reading--Goldberg_race_Palestine 40 (source)

RBB-11: Reading--Death of Danny Chen

RBB-12: Reading--Sikhs; Wisconsin Gurdwara Shooting 

RBC Race--basic concepts (RBC)

RBC-1: Reading 1(a)--rac--basic_themes--bonil (source

RBC-1(a): Reading--Racism: An Overview (race/racism--a definition)
RBC-2: Reading 2--basic_concepts--rac--feagin (source) 22

RBC-2(a): Reading--stereotypes_psych_of prejud 16

RBC-2(b): Reading--implicit_assess_test_psych_of_prej 14

RBC-3: Reading 3--tools_of_dominan--marger (source) 28

RBC-4: Reading 10--critic_rac_theory_def--blacwll 3

RBC-4(a): Reading--delg_stef_critic_rac_theory_def 4

RBC-4(b): Reading--critical race theory/history and concept

RBC-5: Reading 34--rac_conceptualization--morning 21

RBC-6: Reading 80--psych_of_rac--kovel (source)

RBC-7(a): Reading--rac_eth_sociolog_perspect_schaef (source) 30

RBC-7(b): Reading--rac_eth_prej_schaef 26

RBC-7(c): Reading--rac_eth_discrim_schaef 26

RBC-8 Reading--rac_forma_overview_win (same as RHA-2: Reading 82 )

RBC-8(a) Reading--rac_forma_intro_racform_om_win (source)

RBC-8(b) Reading--rac_forma_stat_om_win

RBC-8(c) Reading--rac_forma_great_trans_om_win

RBC-8(d) Reading--rac_forma_resurg_om_win (same as RG-3: Reading 1(c))

RBC-9 Reading--How America Bought and Sold Racism, and Why it Still Matters

RBC-9(a) Reading--rac_sterotyp_ideology_media_chair_zhuk_buro 2

RBC-10: Reading--cultural racism--oliver 22

RBC-11: Reading--black stereotypes; From "brute" to "thug"...

RBC-12: Reading--Systemic or Institutional Racism

RCR Race--civil rights/law (RCR)

RCR-1: Reading 15--rac_right to vote 4

RCR-2: Reading 91--jim_cro_chafe (source)

RCR-3: Reading 91(a)--jim cro_lynch_oxf 9

RCR-4: Reading 91(b)--lynching_readings_PACKET (multiple readings)

RCR-4(a): Reading--lynching documentation project (by

RCR-5: Reading 91(c)--three_fifths_compromise (source)

RCR-6: Reading 109(b)--1_nieman 28

RCR-7: Reading 109(b1)--3_nieman 28

RCR-8: Reading 109(b2)--4_nieman 24

RCR-9: Reading 109(c)--civil rights move_oxf 15

RCR-9(a): Reading (same as ER-16)--Brown v. Board  PACKET (multiple readings)

RCR-9(b): Reading (same as ER-17)--Brown v Board_martin 14

RCR-10: Reading--delg_stef_ch11 (source)

RCR-11: Reading--delg_stef_ch63

RCR-12: Reading--delg_stef_ch2

RCR-13: Reading--delg_stef_ch6_10

RCR-13(a): Reading--nativ_americ_fourteenth_maltz

RCR-14: Reading (same as RW19, RW20, R21)--delg_stef_ch32_34_35 (source)

RCR-14(a): Reading--delg_stef_ch60

RCR-15: Reading--delg_stef_ch19

RCR-16: Reading--delg_stef_ch27

RCR-17: Reading--delg_stef_ch33

RCR-18: Reading--delg_stef_ch50

RCR-19: Reading--exec_summ_UCLA report_resegreg 4

RCR-20(a): Reading--ideational relations--Gandhi and South Africa (self) 3

RCR-20(b): Reading--visit_to_India_MLK(a)

RCR-20(c): Reading--visit_to_India_MLK(b)

RCR-20(d): Reading--MLK/ visit to India (original article)

RCR-20(d1): Reading--MLK/ visit to India (abbreviated article) 

RCR-20(e): Reading--MLK_letter_from Birming

RCR-20(f): Readings--Voting_Rights_Act_PACKET (multiple readings)

RCR-20(g): Readings--Niagara Movement_PACKET (multiple readings)

RCR-21: Reading--Claudette_Colv_arrest

RCR-22: Reading--rac_crim_injus_brow_marsh_ch3

RCR-22(a) Reading--racialized policing (I)

RCR-22(b) Reading--racialized policing (II)

RCR-23: Reading--Residential Segregation PACKET (multiple readings)

RCR-24: Reading--letter to Clarence Thomas_Higginbotham 15

RCR-25: Reading--lopez: white by law 52 (source)

RCR-26: Reading--Race, Class, and Law in a Capitalist Democracy--instructor's class notes. (Same as CRN-14) 92

RCR-26(a): Reading--Racialization of U.S. Political Economy: A Timeline.
RCR-27(a)--Clarence Thomas-I (the tragic legacy of the fiasco of Anita Hill Senate hearings) Same as  GL-4(a)
RCR-27(b)--Clarence Thomas-II (the tragic legacy of the fiasco of Anita Hill Senate hearings) Same as GL-4(b)

Race-class nexus (see class-race nexus)
RDP Race--death penalty (RDP)

RDP-1: Reading 14--death_penalty_rac_clas 10

RE Religion (RE)

RE-1: Readings 106--religion packet (multiple readings)

RE-2: Reading_199_3--Islam_Americ_twee 3

RE-3: Reading--anti_mos_prot 5

RE-4: Reading--fbi_terr_fact_phony_terr_plots 5

RE-5: Reading--Islam, Islamism, and Islamophobia 12

RG Race--general  (RG)

RG-1: Reading 1--rac--conclus--bonil (source) 16

RG-2: Reading 1(b)--rac--new face--ansell (source)

RG-3: Reading 1(c)--rac--resurg--om_win (same as RBC-8(d) Reading) (source)

RG-4: Reading 4--rac/children--levy, west, et al. (source) 10

RG-5: Reading 25--census--race

RG-6: Reading 38--cosb--rac--agency 1

RG-7: Reading 38(a)--rac--agency--chris (source)

RG-8: Reading 53--rac_religion_evangel 17

RG-9: Reading 61--children--rac--nurture--Brons (source) 12

RG-10: Reading 86--post_obam_bonil (source)

RG-10(a): Reading--obam_wise (source)

RG-11: Reading 101--rac_state_intro/biblio_goldberg (source)

RG-12: Reading 101(a)--5_gold_rac_state_goldberg

RG-13: Reading 101(b)--7_gold_rac_state_goldberg

RG-14: Reading 5(b)--resid_segreg_salon 12

RG-15: Reading 5(c)--resid_segreg_latin 19

RG-15(a): Reading--resid_segreg_latin_condensed 10

RG-15(b): Reading--resid_segreg_latin 33

RG-16: Reading--rac_eth_compar_perspec_schaef (source) 25

RG-17: Reading--delg_stef_ch42_beyond_rac_ident_pol_marab 7

RG-17a: Reading--delg_stef_ch43_rethink_allianc_yamamot 8

RG-18: Reading--delg_stef_ch16_soc_const_rac_lope 10

RG-19: Reading--delg_stef_ch58_mak_visib_garmnt_lu 6

RG-20: Reading--rac_resid_segreg_ASA_study_summary 1

RG-20(a): Reading--resid_segreg_ASA_study_full_artic 29

RG-21: Reading--rac_eth_lab_market 14

RG-21(a): Reading--blac_whit_econo_gap 7

RG-21(b): Reading--Racial Disparities in Wages Boil Down to Discrimination

RG-21(c): Reading--U.N. Report on People of African Descent in United States

RG-22: Reading--teach_rac_classroom 7

RG-23: Reading--rac_traum_danz 5

RG-24: Reading--blac_fam_rac_class source

RG-24(a): Reading--blac_fam_overview

RG-25: Reading--bald_teach_rac 7

RG-26: Reading--minori_network_unemploy 10

RG-27: Reading--reparations_atlantic_coates 24
RG-28: Reading--Jewishness versus "whiteness" - Steinlauf 3

RG-28(a): Reading--Anti-Semitism 14

RG-29: Reading--How Barack Obama Failed Black Americans 11

RG-30: Reading--The Resurgence of Neo-Nazism in United States 7

RG-31: Reading--Race, Terror, and "Identity Politics"

RG-32: Reading--Being Black in Nazi Germany

Race--immigration (See Immigration/Immigrants)
RS Race--science (RS)

RS-1: Reading 69--rac--pol--eco--of science--egypt (source) 15

RS-2: Reading 70--rac--pol--eco--of science--chin 16

RS-3: Reading 71--rac--pol--eco--of science--intro 19 

RS-4: Reading 72--rac--pol--eco--of science--health 10

RS-5: Reading 73--rac--pol--eco--of science--IQ 18

RS-6: Reading 74--rac--pol--eco--of science--potat 14

RS-7: Reading 75--rac--pol--eco--of science--tuskeg 12

RS-8: Reading 76--ch1_rac science (source)

RS-9: Reading 77--ch2_rac science

RS-10: Reading 78--ch3_rac science

RS-11: Reading 79--ch4_5_rac science

RW Race--whiteness (RW)

RW-1: Reading 6--whit--ignatiev (source) 7

RW-2: Reading 8--whit--cinem--Vera (source) 6

RW-3: Reading 9--whit--stud_ident (source) 9

RW-4: Reading 9(a)--whit--ident_chart_howard (source) 1

RW-5: Reading 9(b)--whit--dominat_howa (source)

RW-6: Reading 9(c)--whit _stud_rac_ideol_bon_silv 36

RW-7: Reading 9(d)--whitnes_impact_blac_stud_ lew_ches_form 18

RW-8: Reading 11--whit--musi--Yous 26

RW-9: Reading 43--construct rac--whit--buck (source) 19

RW-9(a): Reading--play_whit_ethn_card_to_deny_rac_gallag

RW-10: Reading 43(a)--construct rac--whit (source)

RW-11: Reading 62--libido--rac--Piet (source) 7

RW-12: Reading 63--whit negro--Piet (source) 12

RW-13: Reading 67--jews_whit (source) 28

RW-14: Reading 67(a)--jews_anti_semit_othernes 20

RW-15: Reading--Irish_stereo_politic_cartoon

RW-15(a): Reading 67(b)--irish_immig_south 25

RW-16: Reading 68--whit privil-affirm act (source) 10

RW-17: Reading 68(a)--whit privil (source)

RW-18: Resumes (Read only pages 1 through 6; and pages 20 through 27)

RW-19, RW-20, RW-21: (same as RCR14)--delg_stef_32, 34, 35 (source)

RW-22: Reading (bush: everyday forms of whiteness) (source) 51

T Technology (T)
T1) 'The Single Most Valuable Document in the History of the World Wide Web' (The World Wide Web: A Gift to Humanity by its Inventors)
T2) Rare earths: Neither rare, nor earths

T3) For The Children's Sake, Put Down That Smartphone

T4) Tesla and the lone inventor myth

T4(a) The myth of the lone genius
T5) Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now