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Educational Reform

Reading 1  (There Was No One Coming... [Review of Waiting for "Superman" Documentary])  23

Reading 1a  (School, Activism and Politics...[Review of Waiting for "Superman" Documentary])  23

Reading 1b  (Film Review.. Harvard Educational Review... [Review of Waiting for "Superman" Documentary])  2

Reading 1c  (Research on Charter Schools: An Introduction)  2

Reading 2  (The Evolution of the Charter School....)  4

Reading 2a  (Should Charter Schools... Enroll...More Special Education)  6

Reading 2b  (Does Student Attrition Explain KIPPS Success?)  8

Reading 2c  (Multiple Choice--Charter School Performance...) 8

Reading 2d  (Research: Checking Up On Charters) 2

Reading 2e (Public Schools Versus Private Schools) 4

Reading 2f (Public Schools and the Public Good) 22

Reading 3  (Obama Signs New... [ESSA--Every Student Succeeds Act])  3

Reading 3a  (The Long Path to ESSA...) 7

Reading 3b  (Test-based Accountability...) 15

Reading 3c  (No Child Left  Behind and Fine Arts Classes) 3

Reading 3d  (Race Against Time: Educating Black Boys) 8

Teachers/Teacher Training

Reading 4  (International Survey: U.S. Teachers... [TALIS--Comparative Study]) 4

Reading 4a  (Measuring Up... Instructor Effectiveness in Higher Education) 7

Reading 4b  (A Lasting Impact... [Teachers Matter, Washington, DC Rhee/Fenty Reform Experience]) 9

Reading 4c  (Variables Affecting Student Motivation...)  7

Reading 4d  (Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness)  30

Reading 4e  (Paying Teachers According to Student Achievement...) 4

Reading 4f  (Critical Race Reflections... Valuing... Teachers of Color...) 15

Reading 4g  (Improving Schooling... Teaching Styles) 6

Reading 4h  (We Make It Controversial--Elementary Preservice Teachers' Beliefs About Race) 19

Reading 4i (America Needs More Teachers of Color and a More Selective Teaching Profession) 6

Desegregation / Re-segregation

Reading 5  (Desegregation's Demise) 4

Reading 5a  (The Re-Segregation of Public Education...) 12

Reading 5b  (Brown v. Board of Education Readings Packet)

Reading 5c  (Timeline, plus Little Rock Nine Update)

Reading 5d (Residential Segregation PACKET)

School Finance

Reading 6  (Is School Funding Fair? Most Fiscally Disadvantaged...)  5

Reading 6a  (Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card )  26


Reading 7  (Educational Value of Field Trips)  8

Reading 7a  (Multiculturalism: Battleground or Meeting Ground? [the Multicultural Curriculum])  10

Reading 7b (Multicultural Curriculum) 4

Comparative Education

Reading 8  (Schools Exacerbate the Growing.... [Tracking, a Comparative Study])  2

Reading 8a  (Everyone Aspires to be Finland.... [Educational Reform, Estonia--Comparative Study])  6

Reading 8b  (How Do American Students Compare... [PISA--School Achievement--Comparative Study])  3

Reading 8c  (Country Note: Results from TALIS... United States of America [TALIS--Comparative Study])  first 5, plus last

Reading 8d  (Affirmative Action... South Africa)  7


Reading 9  (Lynching in America)  84

Reading 9a  (Race Equity and Inclusion Guide)  14

Reading 9b  (What's Post Racial Discourse Got to Do With It?) 12

Reading 9c  (Dynamics of Opportunity in America: Evidence and Perspectives)  35

Reading 9d  (Racial Generation Gap and the Future for Our Children)  23

Reading 9e  (Intercultural Manifestations of... Racial, Language...)  12

Reading 9f
  (Basic Concepts... Study of Racial and Ethnic Relations) 22

Reading 9g  (Tools of Dominance: Prejudice and Discrimination [Definition]) 27

Reading 10  (Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity) 7

Reading 10a
  (Learning to be White Through the Movies) 6

Reading 10b  (Blinded by Whiteness... White College Students' Racial Awareness) 9

Reading 10c  (White Superiority... Its Legal Legacy, Its Economic Costs) 5

Reading 10d  (Racial and Ethnic Stratification... Economics of Racism) 6

Reading 10e  (Toward a Sociology of Racial Conceptualization) 21

Reading 10f  (The Racialization of United States: Timeline)

Reading 10g  (Cellblocks or Classrooms...) 14

Reading 10h  (Fashion Bomb Daily [Gender, Race, and Whiteness]) 2

Reading 10i (The resurgence of racism in United States) 7

Higher Education

Reading 11  (Neo-Racism Toward International Students)  3

Reading 11a  (Welcome to America? International Student...)  26

Reading 11b  (Unseen Workers in the Academic Factory...)  22

Reading 11c  (The Business Decision... [College Finance and Class/Race])  11

Reading 11d  (Canadian Schools... [Universities and Minorities--Native Americans])  4

Reading 11e  (On the Edge of Knowing: Microaggression... Woman of Color)  7

Reading 11f  (Conceptualizing and Measuring Student Disengagement...)  10

Reading 11g  (Branching Out... Undergraduate Experiences of Young Black Women)  13

Reading 11h  (The Business Decision... Segregating College Students) 10

Reading 11i --Blackballed: The Black and White Politics of Race on America's Campuses 24

Schooling: Other Select Issues

Reading 12  (Building a Grad Nation... High School Graduation Rates)  73

Reading 13  (The De-tracking Movement... [Few Successes])  5

Reading 14  (How the Military... [Early Childhood Education])  5

Reading 15  (Learning from the Science of Learning [The Brain and Learning])  2

Reading 15a (Educational Success PACKET)

Reading 16  (Special Education Standards: Supreme Court Raises Level of Benefit)  1

Reading 17  (Qualitative Analysis... African Americans in Special Education) 12

Reading 18  (A New Attempt to Answer... [Single-Sex Schooling])  5
Reading 19  (Do Schools Begin Too Early?)  5

Reading 20  (Should Professors Ban Laptops?)  6

Reading 21  (How Student Background Influences Student Achievement?)  8

Reading 22  (Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless Students....)  53

Reading 23  (SAT Scores Show Disparity by Race, Gender, Family Income) 2

Reading 24  (Recess--Its Indispensable) 4

Reading 25  (The Lost Hour... [Kids and Sleep]) 9 

Reading 26  (What are Long-Term Effects of Small Classes...) 28

Reading 27  (Expanded-Time Schools...) 3

Reading 28  (Cosby Won't Let Up...) 1