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(c) Advice: do not use your home computer to print these documents; use the computers in school. 
(d) Thoroughly read and digest all parts of this packet (you may be tested on them!).

Educational Success Readings Packet
NOTE: Most of the information that appears in this part of the syllabus packet is not directly related to the content of this course. However, I have deemed it important enough to include it as part of your syllabus packet because it is the kind of information that all students should have if they are to succeed in achieving their educational goals in this institution. As a teacher, I consider it my responsibility to go beyond simply teaching the content of this course; it includes helping you, in whatever legitimate way I can, to succeed in this school. 

A. The Declining Quality of Undergraduate Education (a news article)
B. What is a Research University? (Extract from a report by the Boyer Commission).
C. When Students' Conceptual Grasp Clashes with their Professors' (an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education).
D. Procrastination (an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education)
D(a). Bad Habits and Procrastination
D(b). How to Beat Procrastination
E. Lying
F. Arrogance and the Absence of Manners/ Why the Stupid Say they are Smart
F(a). Stupidity: An Educational Challenge
F(b). Take the Intellectual Humility Assessment Test
G. Incivility in the Classroom Breeds 'Education Lite' (an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education)
H. The Dangers of Multitasking
I. Learning involves struggle.
J. Self-discipline

J(a). Ten Proven Ways to Learn Faster 
K. The Brain in Young Adults: A Second Chance
L. Sleep and health
L(a). Fall asleep in two minutes? 
M. Money versus Passion: Choosing the Right Major
N. The Ignorantsia, the Brain, and Stupidity (multiple readings)
O. Cell Phone Use and Academic Performance
O(a). Cellphones and Cancer (audio)
P.  Visual Literacy
Q.  Requesting Letters of Recommendation 
R. Faculty Workload/Tenure Application--web version. Note: Same version of this document but alternative format (PDF) is available here