Gender: Multiple Readings Packet

Guys: Racism and sexism are ideologies of domination that at one level are cut from the same cloth in that both are built on the foundation of "otherness" (which itself is rooted in "essentialism"-- meaning based on the victim's biologically-determined birth circumstances over which, of course, the victim has no control). Moreover, in capitalist societies, sexism can perform the same role as racism: namely, provide the capitalist class with the means to dominate, divide, and exploit the working classes. However, there is also an important difference between these two ideologies: In the case of sexism, the victim and the victimizer are biologically dependent on each other for reasons of procreation; consequently, there is no such thing as "aversive sexism."  Whereas in the case of racism, aversive racism can and does exist.  Notice also that the matter of racism  brings up the possibility of women as racists and women as victims of sexism, all at once. In other words, a society can be both patriarchal and racist. As usual, download all assigned items listed below, Read, comprehend, and digest them; further, be prepared to be tested on them. Question: What do these words mean: "aversive racism," "ideology," "otherness," "essentialism," "patriarchy"? (See the Course Glossary! Hello....!)