Select Course Assignments


(a) This page is divided into different sections. See the class announcements page on what readings you must complete from the sections below.
(b) You must also study any images that may be present in a reading, AS WELL AS on this page. (If there are captions then summarize them in your notes.)
(c) Check if a reading has subheadings; if they are present use them as a guide to organize your notes.
(d) With rare exception, you will not be asked to concentrate on such factual details as dates and names of places. Instead, what you should concentrate on is the "what," the "why," and the "therefore" (implications / consequences). 
(e) In case of definitions, obviously concentrate on the main elements of the definition. If there are images in the definition, then you must study those too.
(f) Important: Any reading assignment written by the instructor should be considered an extension of class lectures and therefore must take precedence over other assigned materials.<-- Read this sentence again.

Race/Racism and Ethnicity/Ethnicism

1. Explaining Race/Racism: Past and Present 
2.  Enslavement: The Past and the Present
3. Racism: An Overview (Class Notes) 
4. Reading CRN-14 (Race, Class, and Law in a Capitalist Democracy)
5. Slide Images on Race, Class, Gender, etc.
6. Race: Basic Concepts I: Reading no. RBC-2 of Course Readings
7. Race: Basic Concepts II: Reading no. RBC-3 of Course Readings
8. Race in United States: Theoretical Perspectives
9. Race as Caste

10. Race as Caste: MLK's Visit to India

11. The Construction of Whiteness: The Irish Example
12. Race--Psychology of Prejudice: Reading no. RBC-2(b) of Course Readings 
13. Website on News and Statistics on Hate in the U.S. 
14. Critical Race Theory: Reading no. RBC-4(b) of Course Readings 
15. Racial Formation Theory: Reading no. RBC-8 of Course Readings 
16. The Mythology of Racial Progress in the U.S.  
17. Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era (model minority, campus racism, letter of appreciation, international students, etc.)

17(a) Institutional Racism and the Inner City 
18. Race, Terrorism, and Identity Politics
19. Ethnicism (as a Proxy for Racism) in Asia 
20. Ethnicism in Africa
21. Ethnic Violence in the World in 2018
21. Race and U.S. Foreign Affairs
22. Tudor, English and Black...  (Race, before the Atlantic Slave Trade)
23. Film Review: Dunkirk (This item is about the film's racism by deliberate omission--textual erasure. Marginalization through the quest for verisimilitude)
24. Film Review: Darkest Hour (About the racism of Winston Churchill)
25. Definition of "Stereotypes" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)  
26. Stereotypes of the Irish: Reading no. RW-15 of Course Readings 

27. Divide and Rule: Asians and the Construction of the "Model Minority" Myth

28. What is "Allyship" in the Struggle Against Oppression?

Capitalism and Class (versus Race)

1. Definition of "Capitalism" in the Course Glossary   (Instructor's Notes)

2. Stratification Theory and Class
3. Class theory chart: Reading CG-3(a)  of Part A of Online Course Materials.
4. Class, Wealth and Power
5. Socially Responsible Capitalism: Readings packet CW/CS-30 of Part A of Online Course Materials.
6. Definition of "Class" in the Course Glossary   (Instructor's Notes)
7. The Fallacy of Meritocracy

8. Bringing  Classism into the Race & Gender Picture
9. Class versus Race (Should the struggle for Social Justice include White People in a Capitalist Society? Letter to the NEA)  

9(a) The Racialization of Class (Institutional racism in practice at the socio-economic level. the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer--from a racial perspective. Note: this article comprises interactive charts, study them carefully.)

9(b) The Pandemic and the Racialization of Class

9(c) Covid-19 and Class

10. MLK's Final Message  (audio) 
11. MLK's Class Struggle (the fight against poverty, and militarism)

12. Race, Class and Identity Politics
13. Class and Political Capture 

13(a) "Trumpism" and Class Warfare
14. Definition of "Objective Interests" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)
15. Cellphones, and Cancer (about class warfare) (audio)
16. Definition of "Meritocracy" In the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)
17. Definition of "Social Safety Net" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)
18. The Murders of the Osage (audio)
19. Definition of "Military Industrial Complex" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)

20. Race Versus Class and the U.S. Civil War (Free State of Jones--Film Review)

21. The Racialization of Class: Residential Segregation and Its Intractability

22. Class versus Race among the Enslaved

23. Class versus Ethnicity: The Atlantic Slave Trade ("My Nigerian Great-grandfather Sold Slaves")

24. Class versus Ethnicity: Black Slave Owners in the Caribbean

25. Race, Class, and Schooling (homeless school children) First 14 pages required

26. Schooling and Class Reproduction (The Racism of "Good Whites")

27. Race, Class, and the Assault on Public Schools (Review: "Waiting for Superman")

28. After Brown: School Segregation Continues (First 15 pages required)

Gender: Race/Class and Patriarchy

1. Definition of "Patriarchy" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes. Note: Also follow all the links that appear in the definition)
2. Feminism and Feminist Theory 
3. The Scourge of Masculinity
4. Black Feminism and Intersectionality Theory
5. Sexism and Misogyny in Music Land
6. Socialization--Misogynystic Music and Sexual Behavior: Reading GVM-1 of Part A of Online Course Materials   
7. Race and Music: Reading RW-8 of Part A of Online Course Materials   
8. Sexual Violence in the Military: Fact Sheet    
9. Sexual Violence in the Military (Missing from the #MeToo Movement) 
10. Sexual Violence Against the Disabled
10(a) Sexual Harassment of Female Scientists in Antarctica

11. Man Boasts of Sexual Assault (and becomes President)
12. Intimate Partner Violence- I
13. Intimate Partner Violence - II 
14. Patriarchy: Reading G2 of Part A of Online Course Materials.
15. Forced Sterilization of Women and the U.S. Supreme Court
16. Eugenics and African Americans
17. Anita Hill /Clarence Thomas
18. Conservatism of Clarence Thomas 
19. Title IX and the Civil Rights Movement
20. Police Violence against Black Women
21. Patriarchy and the U.S. Prison System
22. Access to Feminine Hygiene Products and Human Rights
23. Intersectionality and Sexual Violence (in Agriculture, etc.)
24. Race, Gender, and Epistemological Marginalization

Disability: Race/Class and Gender

1. Disablement--prison--race--class  

2. Manufacturing Disability (War)

3. Disability and Justification of Injustice (source)

4. The King's Speech Class and Disability (Film Review)

5. Disability in the U.S.: Facts/Statistics--infograph

6. Environmental Pollution and Disability among U.S. Children

7. Gun Violence and Disability

8. Gun Violence in the U.S.-- Statistics

9. Gender, Disability, and Sexual Violence 

The Environment: Race/Class and Gender

1. Pollution of the U.S. Food Supply

2. Race, Class, Gender and Climate Change 

3. Climate Change and Social Justice 
4. Environmental Racism and Climate Change

5. Climate Change and the Motherland (Africa) 

6. Race and Climate Change

7. Pandemics, Deforestation, and Climate Change

8. Race, Class, and Covid 19