Course Assignments

You must also study any images that may be present in a reading. (If there are captions then summarize them in your notes.) Check if a reading has subheadings; if they are present use them as a guide to organize your notes. With rare exception, I will not ask you about dates and names of places. Instead, what you should concentrate on is the "what," and the "why," and the implications / consequences.  In case of definitions, obviously concentrate on the main elements of the definition. If there are images in the definition, then study those too. Important: Any reading assignment written by me should be considered an extension of class lectures and therefore must take precedence over other assigned materials.<-- Read this sentence again.

  1. *Explaining Race/Racism: Past and Present 

  2.  Enslavement: The Past and the Present

  3. *Definition of "Racism/Racism" in the Course of Glossary  (Instructor's Notes) 

  4. *Reading CRN-14 (Race, Class, and Law in a Capitalist Democracy)

  5. *Slide Images on Race, Class, Gender, etc.

  6. Race: Basic Concepts I: Reading no. RBC-2 of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  7. Race: Basic Concepts II: Reading no. RBC-3 of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  8.  Race in United States: Theoretical Perspectives

  9. *The Construction of Whiteness: The Irish Example

  10. Race--Psychology of Prejudice: Reading no. RBC-2(b) of Part A of Online Course Materials. 

  11. *Website on News and Statistics on Hate in the U.S. 

  12. Critical Race Theory: Reading no. RBC-4(b) of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  13. Racial Formation Theory: Reading no. RBC-8 of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  14. The Politics of Race and White Liberals in the Trumpian Era 

  15. *Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era

  16. *Race, Terrorism, and Identity Politics

  17. *Ethnicism (as a Proxy for Racism) in Asia 

  18. *Ethnicism in Africa

  19. *Ethnic Violence in the World in 2018

  20. *Race and U.S. Foreign Affairs

  21. Tudor, English and Black...  

  22. Film Review: Dunkirk (This item is about the film's racism by deliberate omission--textual erasure. Marginalization through the quest for verisimilitude)

  23. Film Review: Darkest Hour (About the racism of Churchill)

  24. Definition of "Stereotypes" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)  

  25. Stereotypes of the Irish: Reading no. RW-15 of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  26. MLK's Final Message  (audio) 

  27. MLK's Class Struggle (the fight against poverty, and militarism)

  28. *Stratification Theory and Class

  29. *Class theory chart: Reading CG-3(a)  of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  30.  Class, Wealth and Power: Reading CW/CS-1 of Part A of Online Course Materials.  (Also visit author's website)

  31. *Socially Responsible Capitalism: Readings packet CW/CS-30 of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  32. *Definition of "Class" in the Course Glossary   (Instructor's Notes) 

  33.  Class versus Race  (Letter to the NEA)  

  34. *Class and Political Capture 

  35. *Definition of "Objective Interests" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)

  36. Cellphones, and Cancer (about class warfare) (audio)

  37. *Definition of "Meritocracy" In the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)

  38. *Definition of "Social Safety Net" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)

  39. The Murders of the Osage (audio)

  40. *Definition of "Military Industrial Complex" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes)

  41. *Definition of "Patriarchy" in the Course Glossary  (Instructor's Notes. Note: Also follow all the links that appear in the definition)

  42. *Feminism and Feminist Theory 

  43. *The Scourge of Masculinity

  44. Black Feminism and Intersectionality Theory

  45. *Sexism and Misogyny in Music Land

  46. Socialization--Misogynystic Music and Sexual Behavior: Reading GVM-1 of Part A of Online Course Materials   

  47. *Race and Music: Reading RW-8 of Part A of Online Course Materials   

  48. *Sexual Violence in the Military: Fact Sheet  
  49. *Sexual Violence in the Military (Missing from the #MeToo Movement) 

  50. *Sexual Violence Against the Disabled

  51. *Man Boasts of Sexual Assault (and becomes President)

  52. Intimate Partner Violence- I

  53. *Intimate Partner Violence - II 

  54. Patriarchy: Reading G2 of Part A of Online Course Materials.

  55. *Forced Sterilization of Women and the U.S. Supreme Court

  56. *Eugenics and African Americans

  57. Anita Hill /Clarence Thomas

  58. Conservatism of Clarence Thomas 

  59. Title IX and the Civil Rights Movement

  60. *Police Violence against Black Women

  61. Patriarchy and the U.S. Prison System

  62. *Access to Feminine Hygiene Products and Human Rights

  63. *Intersectionality and Sexual Violence (in Agriculture, etc.)

  64. Race, Gender, and Epistemological Marginalization

  65. Pollution of the U.S. Food Supply