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Man, do I really have to tell you this?

  Posted 2/22/2021  

1. Homework for Week Four (this week):
Week Four (beginning February 22). Please DOWNLOAD, view and study (without any kind of distractions) these two AV items:
(a) Film: La Haine <--- this film will give you a hint of why the "Black Lives Matter" Movement has spread to other parts of the world.  However, it also introduces you to the concept of homogamous racism.
(b) Video: What is the Police For? <---make sure you pay close attention to the court cases. 

2. Test 2 will be next week on Wednesday, March 3, during the usual time frame: 2:00 to 11:00 pm. Test 2 will cover homework for Week 3 (see below) and Week 4 (see above).

  Posted 2/8/2021  [UPDATED: 2/16/2021, 2/18/2021]
People, Folks, Guys:

1. If you haven't already done so, please go through the next announcement below regarding homework and next week's test dates.
2. While the dates are the same, the time frame for the tests have now changed: you will be sitting for the tests within this time frame: 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Yes, everything else remains the same.
3. Please go through the Test Instructions carefully available via the link in the left margin. <--This is also part of homework for this week.
4. Homework for Week Three:
Week Three (beginning February 15). Please DOWNLOAD, view and study (without any kind of distractions) this AV item:

  Film: The 13th  

UPDATE:  T1-Part 1 is now available on Blackboard (UBLearns). Test scores will be posted via link in the left column.

UPDATE: T1-Part 2 is now available on Blackboard (UBLearns). Reminder, final test scores can be accessed via the link in the left margin. Ignore the test scores on Blackboard.

  Posted 1/31/2021  UPDATED 2/1/2021

People, Folks, Guys: 
Welcome to your class home page, which you are required to visit regularly (at least once a week). From this page you will be able to access everything related to this class, except tests/quizzes (which you will take on Blackboard--aka UBLearns). <---Read this sentence again.

Please go through the following announcements carefully:

1) This page will be redesigned slightly in the next few days.
2) The class schedule will be available soon (via this page); in the mean time, please do the following homework:
(a) Week One (beginning February 1), our topic will be the police and policing; therefore,  DOWNLOAD, and view and study (without any kind of distractions) these two AV items:

(i) Film: Fruitvale Station
(ii) Film: The Journey of August King <--Note: (a) When the film begins there is an announcement about another accompanying assignment. Ignore that first announcement as the film starts. (b) Pay close attention to the slave patrol and its context; this is how policing began for black people in this country.

(b) Week Two (beginning February 8): Video: Race and Policing in United States 

Yes, this is the only homework for weeks one and two. If you want more, send me an e-mail. :)

(c) Test 1 only will be divided in two parts--Part 1 will be on Tuesday, February 16; and Test 1--Part 2 will be on Thursday, February 18. (Since this is the first test you are taking for this class, Test 1 is divided into two parts to give you a chance to improve your score in the second part, if you don't do well in part one.) Both parts will cover the above homework for weeks 1 and 2. Time of day for both parts: Tests must be done in the time period between 2:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Each part will have any exact time limit (about 40-50 minutes long--depending upon number of questions). Additional instructions about the tests will be posted shortly on this page.
3) The course syllabus is available via the link in the left margin of this page. Please go through it carefully.


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