AV Material for Specified Class Assignments
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[[]] Film Trailers and Other Additional Material
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The13th (class version)

The Affair (World War II) 

Amanda Gorman and Tracy K. Smith (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

American Outrage

(class version)

Authentic Democracy--Legislation Timeline

Bamako (class version)

The Blinding of Isaac Woodard, Jr. (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)


Beasts of Southern Wild (class version)

Belle  (class version)

Big Sick (class version)

Brown v... and Beyond 



Central Park Five

Chisholm72 (Shirley Chisholm) 

Civilizing the Uncivilized (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Class, Race, Food (Food Inc--class version)

"Classism" and Modern Slavery

Comprehending Race - I

Comprehending Race - II (Section One)

Comprehending Race - II (Section Two)

Confirmation (class version--Hill / Thomas)

Constant Gardener (class version) 

Contributions of African Americans to the Evolution of U.S. Democracy--Part 1 / Part 2 (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Court System: A Brief Primer --> See Procedural Democracy (below)

Earth Day (Merchants of Doubt--class version)

English Patient - Scenes 

Far From Heaven 

Filmmaking Terminology 

Film Score: Part 1--Section A 

Film Score: Part 1--Section B  

Film Score: Part 2--Quincy Jones (on YouTube--scroll through the videos

Film Score: Part 3--A. R. Rahman

Flowchart of Political Economy of Class, Race, and Demagoguery (on YouTube--scroll through the videos

Food, Race, and Class (Food, Inc.--class version)

Fragility of the Miracle: the Blue Marble (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Free State of Jones (class version)

Free State (South Africa)

Fruitvale Station (class version)

Get Out  

Glory Regular format

Glory  HEVC format 

Gratitude (An Antidote to Dissatisfaction) (on YouTube

Great Debaters (class version) 

Great Divide and Democracy (class version)

Green Book  (class version) 

The Green Mile

Grey Zone/Memory Camps--Extracts 

Hair...  (Skin and Beauty)   

Harriet (class version)  

Hate U Give  (HEVC format) 

Hate U Give (regular HD format) 

The Help

Hidden Figures 

Hoop Dreams

Hotel Rwanda

Human Planet--Extracts 

Hundred-Foot Journey--SECTION ONE--class version 

Hundred-Foot Journey--SECTION TWO--class version

I am Not Your Negro  

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 

Inflicting Disability--The Intersectionality of Oppression (on YouTube--scroll through the videos

Inside Job--class version

Institutional Racism (versus Interpersonal Racism) (YouTube--scroll through the videos)


In the Name of the Father--class version

Into the West--class version

Invictus--class version

Journey of August King--class version

Judge Susan Eagan Delivers a Stunningly Powerful... (YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Just Mercy (class version) 

King's Speech (class version) 

La Haine--class version

Lakeview Terrace  (class version)

Last Fall

Lee Daniels’ The Butler 

Life (class version) 

Lion--class version

Lion (abbrev)

Love and Basketball (class version)


Lumumba--class version


Malcolm X: Part One and Part Two (view both parts)  

Mandela and De Klerk


Miles Davis

Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap (making of)

Miss Evers' Boys (class version)

 Mooz-Lum--class version 

Mr. Church--class version 

Murder in Mississippi

Muslims in the USA (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

New World--class version

Percy Julian

Photograph--class version

Places in the Heart--class version

Political Economy of Race, Class, and Demagoguery: See
Flowchart of Political Economy of Race, Class, and Demagoguery (above) 

Politics of Voter Suppression--Part 1 / Part 2 (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Power to Heal

Procedural Democracy (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Rabbit Proof Fence--class version

Race (film--Jesse Owens) 

Race and Policing in United States (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Race and Residential Segregation (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Race, Class, and Schooling (Part 1 / Part 2) (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Racializing the Road

Relevance, The Historical Context, and the Making of Where Hands Touch (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Remember the Titans 

Rosewood--class version

Secrets of the SAT

Simple Justice 



Slavery: Past and Present

Slavery by Another Name

Something the Lord Made

Sophie Scholl


Struggle for Authentic Democracy in the U.S. (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

Struggle to Civilize the Uncivilized with Intelligence and Grace (on YouTube--scroll through the videos)

The Affair (scroll back toward the top of this page)

The Big Sick (scroll back toward the top of this page) 

The Help (scroll back toward the top of this page) 

The 13th--class version

Thousand Pieces of Gold--class version

Thurgood Marshall

True Justice (The work of Bryan Stevenson)

Tuskegee Airmen--class version

Ukraine... Parts 1 and 2 (The Tragically Endless Lesson of the Rationality of Evil: The Banality of Ukraine (on YouTube-scroll through the videos)  

Unfinished Business

Voting and Voter Suppression--Part 1/Part 2: See Politics of Voter Suppression (above)

Waiting for Superman

The Walk 

What is Democracy

What is the Police For? View via YouTube, OR via UBbox 

Where Hands Touch (class version) 

World War I (Part One)

World War II (Part Two--Section A)

World War II (Part Two--Section B)

Your Loan is Denied (institutional racism in practice)