Guys: This packet consists of (a) notes on some of the points I have already made in this class or will be making in subsequent lectures; and (b) articles by others.You must download all articles as assigned in your class proceedings schedule. As usual, read them in their entirety, comprehend them, digest them and be prepared to be tested on them.

Notes: Part One (Africa: An Introductory Overview)
Notes: Part Two(The African Mode of Production (Economic System)
Article 1(Basil Davidson, a Brief Biography of an Africanist Scholar)
Article 2(Sub-Saharan Africa in Global Capitalism)
Article 3 (Dependency Theory's Reanimation in the Era of Financial Capital)
Article 4 Fidel Castro: Address to the South African Parliament (PDF)
Article 5 Suffering in the Congo: Behind the Numbers
Article 6 The African Diaspora: African Palestinians