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Reviews of Select Films

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Review 1 (Black Hawk Down--I) 

Review 2
(Black Hawk Down--II)

Review 3
(Black Hawk Down--III)

Review 4 (I Dreamed of Africa)

Review 5 (Nowhere in Africa)

Review 6 (Tarzan)

Review 7 (Out of Africa)

Review 8 (Never Cry Wolf)

Review 9 (Gorillas in the Mist)

Review 10 (Lumumba)

Review 11 (Dunkirk)

Review 12 (Darkest Hour)

Review 13 (Days of Glory)

Review 14 (Constant Gardner)

Review 15 (Darwin's Nightmare)

Review 16 (Bamako) 

Review 17 (Hoop Dreams) 

Review 18 (The Affair)