Audiovisual Materials--I
The Visual Text (Online Films/Videos)

IMPORTANT Not all the material on this page may be of relevance to this particular class.
Folks/Guys/People: the web links below will take you to some of the audiovisual material screened (or to be screened) in support of key themes/issues explored in this class. (If these links, which will take you to the sites that host these items and over which I have no control of course, do not work, please let me know.) Enjoy!

(A) Miscellaneous topics

A1. Zimbabwean Farmers in Nigeria

A2. France: Police Above the Law

A3. Frontline (PBS): Battle for Syria--(how the Syrian conflict began)

A3(a). Frontline (PBS): Syria Behind the Lines--(Syrian conflict two years later)

A3(b). Syrian Conflict: A 5-minute History

A3(c). Syrian Conflict: The Child Victims

A4. Ukraine Protests: An Insider's Appeal

A5. Sprawling from Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanization
A6. 2013 U.S. Presidential Inaugural Address (transcript of address available here)
A7. The FBI Terror Factory

A8. Birth of a Giraffe (zoo)

Birth of a Giraffe (wild)
A9(b) Sea Turtles

Marshmallow Test (Testing delayed gratification)
Another Marshmallow Test
A10(b). Explaining the Results (The importance of self-discipline)

A11. Endgame (Aids/HIV in Black America)
HIV Infections Among Young People

The Truth about Taste
Did Cooking Makes Us Human?

A13. Prison State (Incarceration: The Largest Prison System in the World)(length: 1hr. 23mins. 40 sec.)

A14. The Art of Ralph Steadman (satire: the savage art of "truth"--the emperor has no clothes) (length: 5mins. 29sec.)
Ralph Steadman's Take on U.S. Presidents (length: 3 mins. 18sec.)

A16. Baraka (trailer)  / End Credits / Filming locations  

A17. Swing Kids (ending / length: 2 mins. 48 sec.)

(B) Class Warfare/ Class Struggle / Capitalism

B1. 9.12 DC Tea Party--March Footage with Interviews

B1(a) 9.12 DC Tea Party--Interview B--Roll

B2. Tax Day Tea Party 2010

B2(a) Tea Party Convention

B3. Rally to Restore Sanity--Interviews with Participants

B4. Occupy Wall Street

B5. Occupy Wall Street:Video

B6. Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

B7. A Response to Rep. John Boehner

B8. Michael Moore on his Life, Films, and His Activism

B9. Michael Moore Interview on Capitalism a Love Story

B11(a) *Tapped
B11(b) *The End of the Line
B11(c). *Silencing "whistleblowers" in the Meat Industry (cruelty to animals and "Ag-Gag" laws)

B12. The Price of Civilization (Jeffrey Sachs interview at City Arts and Lectures in San Francisco). You must access and digest all parts.
B12 (a) The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity. (Book launch lecture at Columbia University.)

B13. Life is Hard

B13(a) Where the World's Ships Go to Die (length: 2 min. 42 sec.)

B14. One Peace at a Time

B15. The End of Poverty?

B15(a) *Income and Wealth Inequality: Crash Course Economics (length: 10 min. 15 sec.)

B16. The Crises of Capitalism
B16(a). *Capitalism and Socialism
(CrashCourse #33) (length: 14 min  02 sec)

B17. Class Mobility
B17(a). *Class Mobility and Income Distribution  (length: 6 min. 24 sec.)
B17(a1). Class Mobility: Power and the American Dream
B17(b). *Class Mobility: Children's Perspective (length: 53 min. 41 sec.)
B17(c).  Poverty and mass unemployment: The Wall Street Angle
B17(d).  Collapse of the American Dream--Video Animation

B18. U. S. Guns (and the Drug Dealers) (length: 2 min. 51 sec.)

B19.  *Corporation  Alternative link  Alternative link (split into 23 episodes ranging from about 1 minute to 22  minutes in length) NOTE: Transcripts and other resources available here.
B19(a). *Corporation  Alternative link Alternative link (documentary in its entirety: length: 2 hours 24 min. 04 sec.) NOTE: Transcripts and other resources available here.

B20. The Life of a T-shirt (Watch all five parts: total time about an hour. For background information on this documentary go here.)
B20(a). *Bangladeshi workers pay price for West's cheap clothes (length: 8 min. 21 sec.)

B21. Modern Slavery and Tea (length: 11 min. 40 sec.)

B22. Big Men (globalization: oil, corruption, and violence in Africa: documentary trailer)

B23. Seeds of Love (food, agriculture, and socially responsible capitalism)(length: 11 min. 48 sec.)

B23(a). Dangerous Ideas: On the Limits of Economic Growth (economics and socially responsible capitalism)(length: 59 min. 14 sec.)

B24. Koch Brothers (The rich hijacking democracy for their own ends)(length: 55 min. 54 sec.)

(BF) Food and Class Warfare

BF1. The Truth about Sugar (length: 57:26)
BF1(a). The Secrets of Sugar (length: 44:18)
BF1(b). Hidden Sugar in Food (length: 8mins. 32sec.)
BF1(c). How Sugar Affects the Brain (length: 5mins. 2sec.) 

BF2. The Future of Food

BF3. Food, Inc. (If link does not work, view the DVD in the campus library, or stream it for about $3.00 at YouTube or Amazon)

BF4. What's in Your Burger? (the "pink slime" story)

BF4(a). Hidden Costs of Hamburgers (length: 7mins. 51sec.)

BF5. Film Trailer: Fed Up (big business, the sugar craze, and health)

BF6. The Foods that Make Billions (Corporatization of Food Production)

BF7. Food Going to Waste (length: 9mins. 05sec.)

(C) World History/ U.S. History

C1. *The Day the Universe Changed: Episode 2: Medieval Conflict: Faith and Reason: In the Light of the Above. (Notes on this video are available here.)

C2. *The Day the Universe Changed: Episode 6: The Factory and Marketplace Revolution: Credit Where Its Due. NOTE: If the video does not work try this link here or here (or do an internet search using key words from the title above).

C2(a). *The Dark Ages...How Dark Were They, Really? (Crash Course World History #14) (length: 12 min  07 sec)

C3.  *When the Moors Ruled in Europe. NOTE: Take detailed notes; there may be a lot of questions on this film. If link does not work, view the DVD in the undergraduate library. (length: 1 hr  40 min)

C3(a). *What is Islam (CrashCourse #13) (length: 12 min  21 sec)

C3(b). *Christianity from Judaism to Constantine (Crash Course World History #11) (length: 11 min  36 sec)

C4. *WWI: The Assassination Part 1; Part 2, Part 3 (NOTE: you must see all parts)
C4(a). *WWI: Brief Summary
C4(b). WWI: Technology
C4(c). WWI: Slaughter
C4(d). *WWI: How it Started
(CrashCourse #209) (length: 9 min 09 sec)
C4(e). *WWI (CrashCourse #13) (length: 11 min 09 sec)
C4(f). *WWI: Archdukes... (CrashCourse #36) (length: 11 min 44 sec)

Why We Fight (2006) NOTE: DVD is available in the undergraduate library--length 1hr 40 min). Study guide is here. Preview is here. Playlist of comments from the filmmaker is here. Transcript of filmmaker interview on PBS is here.
Film divided into twelve parts may be here. If this link does not work, try this link or this link, or do a general search on YouTube if these links no longer work. May also be available on Netflix and its rentable from (see PART I for link). It may also be accessible elsewhere on the internet--do a search. Important:
C5 is long and there may be many questions on it. Watch the film twice and take notes. There is also a study guide for the film; read only chapter 6 of the study guide (link is in the same paragraph of C5). NOTE: relying only on the study guide alone will not help you to answer the questions correctly; therefore you must see C5 in its entirety.

 Empire in Africa
(NOTE: Also available in the undergraduate library.)
C6(a). Manufacturing Poverty in Africa

C6(b). The Congo and Africa's "World War"
(CrashCourse #221) (length: 12 min 57 sec)

C7. Berlin (background on Roger Waters concert)

C8. September 11, 1973 (The other 9/11)

C9. Tiananmen Square
C9(a). Tiananmen Square
(length: 7 min 59 sec)

C9(b). Tiananmen Square (length: 9 min 57 sec)
C9(c). Tiananmen Square (May also be available here. If you wish to read the transcript of program then its available here, and a timeline of this event is available here.)  (program length: 1 hr  18 min 41 sec)

C10. The New World (If link does not work, view the DVD in the campus library)

C11. *Occuptation 101 (If link does not work, view the DVD in the campus library) (length: about 90 minutes)

C11(a). Palestine Remix -- A series of separate films on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict accessible for free  interactively in a very unique way--allows you to create your own film remix if you so desire (length: each film varies in length--total time for all films together: about 21 hours)

C11(b). *Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (CrashCourse #223) (length: 12 min 52 sec)

The Russian Revolution
(length: 20 min 09 sec)

C13. (China) To Live (length: 125 min., but broken into 20 parts) --Interview with Gong Li

C14. *Journey of August King If link does not work also try hereNOTE: If none of the links work, view the DVD in the campus library. (length: 1 hr 30 min)

C15. Armadillo Trailer for documentary. May be seen online here with English subtitles--requires you to be literate, though. :) Also available in the campus library. (length: 1 hr  41 min 3 sec)

C16. *The Cold War (CrashCourse #37) (length: 13 min 34 sec)
*USA vs USSR Fight: The Cold War (CrashCourse #39) (length: 13 min 34 sec)
*The Cold War in Asia (CrashCourse #38) (length: 13 min 41 sec)
*Terrorism, War and Bush (CrashCourse #46) (length: 15 min 26 sec)

C17(a). *WWII: Film trailer: Walking with the Enemy (if link does not work do an internet search for an alternative link) 
C17(b). *WWII: Film trailer: The Pianist (if link does not work do an internet search for an alternative link)

(CrashCourse #38) (length: 13 min 12 sec)

C18. I am an Indian Too! (Native Americans, identity, self-oppression, and the tyranny of history--a humorous take)

C19. *Columbian Exchange (length: 1 hour)
*Columbian Exchange (CrashCourse #23) (length: 10 min 8 sec)
C19(b). *Spices

C20. *Atlantic Slave Trade (length: 5 min 38 sec)
*Atlantic Slave Trade (CrashCourse #24) (length: 11 min 7 sec)

C21.  *15th Century Mariners (CrashCourse #21) (length: 10 min 37 sec)
*The Renaissance... (CrashCourse #22) (length: 10 min 37 sec)

C23. *The Silk Road and Ancient Trade (Crash Course World History #9) (length: 10 min 30 sec)

C24. *Wait For It...The Mongols! (Crash Course World History #17) (length: 11 min 31 sec)
Imperialism (Crash Course World History #35) (length: 13 min 45 sec)

C26. History of the World in Two Hours (NOTE: video available on YouTube (suggested link:  If link does not work do a search on YouTube for alternative versions)

(D) Race

D1. Race, Class, and the Environment.

D2. Neo-Nazis in Germany Today

D2(a). Neo-Nazis in the U.S.

D3.Stereotypes (about Africans)

D3(a). Stereotypes (shopping while black)

D3(b). Science, stereotypes, and racist ideology (length: about 1 hour)

D3(c). Race on campus ("Dear White People" film)  (film website)

D3(d). Race, stereotype, turban, employment (What Would You Do?) (length: 7min 10 sec)

D3(e). Dark Girls and Stereotypes

D3(f). *Prejudice and Discrimination (CrashCourse #39) (length: 9 min 53 sec)

D4. Race, children, "textual erasure" (See course glossary for definition of "textual erasure")  (length: 9 min. 30 sec.)

D4(a). Children and Skin Color--The Way Kids See It (length: 7 min.)

D4(c). Children and Skin Color--Parents' Reactions (length: 8 min. 42 sec.)

D4(d). On Being a Mixed Race Person (length: 58 min. 18 sec.)

D5. Origins of the Human Race (Homo Sapiens) (length: 4 min 19 sec)

D6. President Obama's Impromptu Speech on Trayvon Martin's Killing (length: 17 min. 34 sec) Alternative Link NOTE: Transcript of the speech is available here.

D7. American Red and Black... (length: 37:13)

D8. Mugabe and the White African (length: 1:30:40)

D8(a) The Truth about Mugabe's Violent Land Grabs (length: 17:44)

D9. Rabbit Proof Fence (length 1:33:47) Available for rent for $2.99 on YouTube

D10. White People (length: 49:00)

(E) Environment

E1. Plastic Trash Island Disaster (Pacific Gyre)

E1a. Trash Vortex

E1b) North Pacific Gyre (Plastic Garbage Patch)

E1c) World biggest garbage dump - plastic in the Ocean

E1d) Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

E1e) Video: Planet 100: The Pacific Trash Vortex Explained

E1f) The Pacific Ocean Plastic Garbage Dump

E1g) Garbage Island: An Ocean Full of Plastic (part 1)

E3. An Inconvenient Truth

E4. Home (Our Planet) Alternative link

E5. Shipbreaking (length: 22mins. 05 sec.)

E6. 10 Animals Facing Immediate Extinction (length: 3mins. 14 sec.)

(F) Gender

F1. U.S. Military Scandal (length: 25mins. 20 sec.)

F2. Half the Sky

F3. Hunting Ground (length: approx. 6 mins.)

F3(a). Action Toolkit for Hunting Ground

(G) Education
G1. The Cartel

G2. Inside the Teenage Brain

Higher Education in China

I Need an A: I am a Good Student

Female Professors

The Great Debaters (Also available on YouTube for 3 dollars viewing fee here.)

G6.  Something the Lord Made

G7. Prep School Negro
(documentary trailer; website for documentary is here)

G8. Waiting for Superman

Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman
(Additionally, read these
reviews and explore this site as well:

What Teachers Make (slam poetry).

G10. Brain Scans and Changing the Brain (TED talk) (14:36)
G10(a). Changing the Brain: Learning (TED talk) (11:18)
G10(b). Changing the Brain: The Teenage Brain (TED talk) (16:30)
G10(c). Changing the Brain (TED talk) (14:24)


(H) Instruction
H1. The Joy of Stats (with Professor Hans Rosling)

Khan Academy

(N) Film/ Documentary Video Sources

N1. Frontline (PBS) videos (full-length documentary videos on a wide range of topics)
Fora.TV (videos on lectures, conferences, etc. covering a wide range of topics)
N3. C-Span (videos on lectures, conferences, etc. covering a wide range of topics)
N4. SnagFilms (full length independent films /documentaries covering a wide range of categories)
N5. Vimeo (full length independent films/ documentaries covering a wide range of categories)