This Semester's Course Assignment Materials

Other Useful Course Materials Sources

[X] BBC--News, Culture, Sports, Science, etc.
[X] BBC--World Service Radio Podcasts
[X] Connexion

 Google Books
[X] Google Scholar
[X] Hathi Trust Digital Library
[X] Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Khan Academy
[X] CrashCourse
[X] MIT Open Courseware
[X] Major Historical Documents of United States
[X] Newseum
[X] Openculture
[X] Open Learn Create
[X] OpenStax College

[X] Project Gutenberg
[X] Slideshare
[X] Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
[X] Wayback Machine
[X] WolframAlpha
[X] Worldcat
[X] U.B. Department of African & African American Studies (archived site)