E-mail sent on 4/15/2020

Dear All:

Please read and digest:

First, I hope you folks are following the guidelines regarding CV-19. Just before we went on lockdown some students were telling me that black people were immune to CV-19. Very sadly, this has turned out not to be so. Race, class, the social safety net--all these things are coming into play with this disease.

Some people did the Test and others did not. The issue was a change in the test date which I posted as an update on the class home page. Anyhow, I will allow people to make up the test AFTER the final exam.

All bona fide technical issues-related problems will be dealt with AFTER the final exam. However, please note that I have access to statistics on who is doing the homework and who is not. I am going to look at those statistics as well.  Very few people are downloading the homework. This is not good. Some people are attempting to do the homework on the test day itself--that is, at the last minute. Not good.

Once you begin a test, Blackboard automatically saves your answers as you move on to the next question.

The link to the FILMS LIST page has also been available from the left margin of the class home page for a long time. That link takes you directly to the films list page--instead of going through Google sites.

I am still working on updating the test scores page. I hope to get it done in the next several days. I will post an announcement on the class home page. However, a reminder: going by the course syllabus, 50% of the grade has yet to be decided. So, you can still radically alter your chances of getting a good grade in this class.

I am also thinking --repeat: thinking -- of allowing the entire class one optional test make-up (after the final) of a test taken PRIOR to the lockdown. I will post an announcement about it around exam time--if this is possible.

If you are an essential worker, you are a hero! I will cut you slack, if necessary, by allowing you to do make-ups after the final exam.

To those who are doing their homework, I hope you are learning something in this class.

Stay well, stay safe.

The Instructor.
PS> Never send me an e-mail that does not begin and end in the same way as all the e-mails I have sent you--including this one. You may never get a response.