AAS 499
Syllabus Packet
Instructions for Accessing the Documents in this Packet:

(a) Click on each of the highlighted headings to get to the appropriate documents. 
(b) Make sure that you see the entire document on your screen (by scrolling through the whole document from beginning to end) before you click on the print button. This will ensure that you print all pages of a document. 
(c) Advice: do not use your home computer to print these documents; use the computers in school. 
(d) Thoroughly read and digest all parts of this packet (you may be tested on them!). 


1. Changes to Course Requirements (if any)
2. Syllabus
2(a). Learning Outcomes 
3. U.B. Policy on Academic Freedom  
4. Appendix I  (instructions on tests, readings, AV materials, etc.)
5. Appendix II  (policies concerning grades, e-mails, complaints, etc.)

Class Proceedings Schedule (topics, assignments) 

6(a). Online Course Materials 
6(b). Course Glossary  
Course Calendar  
8. Term paper project instructions (not yet available)
9. Recipe
for success in my courses
10. Grading class participation

11. Missed class/missed test form (must be completed every time you miss a class or test)
12. Requesting letters of recommendation from me
13. Requesting me to be your mentor/adviser (honor's thesis, master's thesis, doctoral dissertation, etc.)
14. My Teaching Philosophy


1. Student Learning Responsibilities (as per University Regulations)
2. Student Classroom Behavior (as per University Regulations)
3. Student Classroom Behavior (comparison with another school)

4. Undergraduate University Policies
5. U.B. Student Code of Conduct
6. Technology and classroom etiquette (an academic journal article)
7. Academic integrity
8.  Sexual Violence/Harassment: Information for Students. (A U.B. brochure + a news article on campus rape)
9.  Sexual Violence/Harassment : Prevention Tool Kit

10.  Essential Information to Help You Succeed at this School
11. Academic Policies for Students in the College of Arts and Sciences (an SRC document)
UB Libraries top ten resources list
13. The Tenure Review Process and Faculty Workload (in the College of Arts and Sciences)


1. Educational Success Readings Packet

2(a). Research as the Foundation for New Knowledge (Part 1) (source)
2(b). Research as the Foundation for New Knowledge (Part 2)
3. What is Visual Literacy?
4. Stupidity and Stupid People 
5. Writing the Research/Term Paper: A Brief Guide