AAS 355/GGS 354
Final Exam--Section Two
(on exam day)

1) As per announcement in class, the final exam has been divided into two parts:
section one will be on the last day of class; and section two will be on exam day (the two sections together are worth 40% of the final grade). Why am I doing this? I will leave that to you to figure out.

2) You will not be permitted to guess answers to questions on material you clearly never studied--penalty points will be assigned for attempting to guess answers. <-- Read this sentence again. If you do not know an answer to a question, number it and move on to the next one.

3) To help you out, questions will be short answer-type, not multiple choice. Therefore, bring a pen. NOTE: Lack of neatness and legibility will carry a penalty.

4) Do not come to the final unprepared--it is better that you stay home because either way you will be setting yourself up to earn an F.

5) If you are unable to access material for this class via your so-called "smart phone" then probably your phone is not that smart. My strong advice: use a laptop or a desktop, or come and see me during my office hours.

6) Bonus points from quizzes are worth 40% of both parts of the final exam considered together.

7) Here's another big break: you can bring handwritten notes (repeat: handwritten notes only) to the exams.
8) Questions will come from some or all of these materials (scroll down):
  • (a) Slide images on the right --> --> -->

  • (b) All lectures/discussions and all materials shown in class for the period March 20 through May 6.

  • (c) Video 24 from Part I (Films), Section One (B), of Online Materials for Assignments. (Yes, this is a repeat assignment.)

  • (d) The following definitions, including images, from the Course Glossary (Part B of Online Materials for Assignments):
    --Race/Racism, but only the sub-sections on "Aversive Racism" and "Institutional Racism" (which have been updated);
    --Democracy; and

  • (e) The following readings from item 2 of the Syllabus Packet--link is on the class home page in the left column. (Make sure you take brief notes on everything; that includes any images that may be present.)
    Reading 9;
    Reading 15, but only Sections Two, and Four;
    Reading 18;
    Reading 43, but only the section titled "The Hidden Costs of Being a Man;"
    Reading 51;
    Reading 60;
    Reading 61, but only Sections Two, and Three;
    Reading 62.