SPRING 2019 / AAS 355/GGS 354
(Read the office hours policies available via this same link before you come to see me.)

Posted 2/13/2019


This is a two-part announcement. Please read it carefully.
(1) As agreed in class, instead of having class on Monday's you will be doing online available homework. However, I will be available for extended office hours on Monday's (from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm). Wednesday's office hours will remain the same. There will be quizzes on the homework every Wednesday class. (NOTE: If you don't do your homework or start missing classes we will have to go back to our regular class schedule.)
(2) Homework for Wednesday next week: please watch these three items for Wednesday's class: First,
watch the last 30 minutes of the documentary available via this click path: www.elegantbrain.com --> Online Materials for Assignments --> PART D --> B17(b1);
second, watch these two documentaries available via this click path: 
Online Materials for Assignments --> PART G --> Section 2 --> scroll down the page to the category "CL: Class..." --> watch items 34 and 36

Posted 2/11/2019


1. As announced in class today, please see these two documentaries for Wednesday's class available via this click path: www.elegantbrain.com --> Online Materials for Assignments --> This semester's... --> Stop... This Semester's --> Online Materials... --> PART D --> B17(a) and B17(b) 

Posted 2/8/2019


1. As promised in our last class, here is the link to the documentary you must see for Monday's class:
https://buffalo.box.com/v/SecretsSAT  (It concerns "class" status and equality of educational opportunity.) NOTE: Clicking on this link should bring up a page asking you to click on "continue." Do that and it will lead you to the log-in page where you have to enter your UB username and password before you are allowed to proceed.
2. Even though the quiz is meant to earn you bonus points, it is mandatory. Penalty points will be assigned from now on for not doing your homework or for being absent.
3. With rare exception, I won't be sending you e-mail reminders about announcements in the future. Instead, you should make it a habit to visit this class-home page regularly.
4. If others in class are able to access this documentary, but not you, then use the computers on campus because there must be something wrong with the browser on your machine and/or what you must be doing. Do not use your phone to access the link.

5. You will have to take one-word notes for each scene of the documentary as you watch it.

Posted 2/4/2019


As promised in class today here is the link to the film assignment for Wednesday class:
Film title: "Places in the Heart"
Link: https://buffalo.box.com/v/Places.
Film may also be available on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Note: compared to today, the verbal quiz on Wednesday on this film will be a little more formal. Questions will be detailed to determine if you actually did this homework.

Posted 1/28/2019


Welcome to the class home page for AAS 355/GGS 354 which you are required to visit on a regular basis. This page will be redesigned and updated soon but in the mean time please check out the syllabus here


Analyze these two documentaries on the 2016 election from the perspective of gender, race, class, etc.



NOTE: We will have a short quiz on this material on Monday next week (February 4). You can bring handwritten notes to class.

For your interest: