are in reverse chronological order--You should go through all announcements since your last visit, as simple common sense would suggest! NOTE: excuses such as "I did not know this was available via the class homepage," or "I did not have time to go to the class home page," and so on, will not be tolerated. In this class, intellectual laziness has its price: a poor grade.
Make sure you read the policies on office hours before you come to see me.
[[]] Course Assignment Materials

[[]] Syllabus Packet

[[]] Office Hours

[[]] Missed Class/Test Form

[[]] Instructions for the essay

[[]] Music--Jazz (origins/influences)

[[]] Newseum.org

[[]] UB Undergraduate Advising Services

[[]] CAS Undergraduate Advising Services

[[]] A-Z index of all UB websites

[[]] Study Guides and Strategies (effective study habits, taking notes, overcoming test anxiety, writing research papers, test-taking tips, etc.)

[[]] Khan Academy (free video tutorials on math, science, economics, finance, etc.)

[[]] Race/racism in the News

[[]] Articles on Health

[[]] Choosing safe consumer products

[[]] Sleep and Sleeplessness

[[]] WolframAlpha (fact-based knowledge engine)

[[]] Food and Nutrition Information Center

[[]] Requesting Letters of Recommendation from me.

[[]] Test/Quiz scores, plus Attendance Record 

[[]]  Occupational Outlook Handbook (critically important information compiled by the U.S. government on almost any job career you can ever think of).


Procedural democracy-related links you must also explore:

[[]] How laws are made in the U.S. 

[[]] Path to the Supreme Court (Chart)

[[]] U.S. Supreme Court Procedures

[[]] U.S. Supreme Court: Web site

[[]] The U.S. Judicial Process: The Federal Court System.

[[]] Legislation of the U.S. Congress (The Library of Congress Thomas web site)

[[]] Justice Denied.org

[[]] Famous trials in history

Posted 5/25/2019
Folks: Please note:
1. Updated test/quiz scores are now available via the scores page. (Link in the left margin.)
2. Your letter grades are available only via your HUB page.
3. Do NOT send me e-mails about your grades. You will not get a response. (If you think that there was an error somewhere, then come and see me next semester so we can go over all your tests, etc.)
4. Never send me e-mails that are not in a professional format; you will not get a response.
5. To those of you who have a passion for learning: do not forget to visit this site from time to time. By the way, I will continue to add films that you can stream/download via Part I (Films) --> Section One --> Film List (see the online course materials page). Have a good summer!

Posted 5/13/2019
People: Please note:
1. About section one scores of the final exam: some of you tried to BS me by either providing me with a skimpy answer based on the title and/or the first paragraph of a reading, or even worse, simply guessing on the basis of the wording of the question. The readings covered some really important topics, so I am really shocked at this atrocious behavior. Your scores are available on the test scores page. (Link is in the left margin.)
2. I strongly urge you to change your approach for the second part of the final coming up. It will be longer and, moreover, I will be on the look out for a repeat of your lack of professionalism. 
3. Never send me e-mails that are not in a professional format (must have a proper opening and closure in exactly the same way as the e-mails I send you).

Posted 5/8/2019
Guys: Please note:
1. As promised, new office hours have been posted. (Link above, on the left,
and on the main page.)
2. If you are making up a missed attendance, you must complete the missed class/test form (link on the left).
3. Do not send me e-mails, I may not get to them on time.

Posted 5/3/2019
Folks: Please note:

1. My office hours will change, after the last day of class. (Reminder: If you were eligible to do make-ups for absences, you had ample opportunity to do so. Yes?)
2. Assignment for Monday's quiz: Video no. 24 available via this click-path: Course Assignment Materials --> Part I (Films) --> Section One, item B.
3. As I had explained in class, the final exam has been divided into two sections: Section One will be on the last day of class, and Section Two will be on exam day (see your UB Hub page for your exam schedule).
4. Materials you must study for Section One of the Exam are indicated here.
5. Materials
you must study for Section Two of the Exam are indicated here. (If you have problems accessing this material, read item 1, announcement 12 below.)

Posted 4/25/2019
People: Please note:

1.As I explained in class yesterday, we will have classes on both Mondays and Wednesdays as per school schedule, for the remaining two weeks. For those who are concerned about getting a good grade in this course: here is another break: I will double the points for bonus quizzes. (Reminder: when you registered for this class you knew that this class met on Mondays and Wednesdays. Yes?)

2. Homework for Monday next week: See Video no. 23 available here. (See the entire video, including the concluding notes at the end of the video!)

3. Homework for Wednesday next week: Study the definitions for these two terms from the Course Glossary (Part B of Online Course Materials): "Patriarchy," and "Identity Politics." NOTE: study all images as well.

Posted 4/12/2019
Folks: Please note:
1. If you are one of those few who are still having problems accessing the google sites portion of www.elegantbrain.com then another solution could be, according to the IT people in Baldy, to remove the bloat from your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) by deleting the browser cookies and emptying the browser cache. How do you do this? It's pretty easy, but each browser has its own procedure. So, either go to the help desk in Lockwood Library or do a search on the internet. Something else: you can also try accessing the site via the "incognito" tab in Chrome (or its equivalent in other browsers); or use the school computers in Lockwood Library. Reminder: if even one person can access the site, then the problem is not the site but your browser. When are you going to learn how the internet works?
2. Homework for Wednesday, April 17:

(a) The same reading (item no. 11A) as in the next announcement below (do not screw up on this).
(b) Item no. 45 available via the same click-path as for item no. 11A.
(c) These three items:(i) https://youtu.be/HC9AO75Gksk  and (ii) https://youtu.be/gUkGUQCsjzo  (iii) https://youtu.be/zDsJRPJ7QiI    
(d) These four sections/sub-sections of the definition of "Race/Racism" in the course glossary (Part B of online course assignment materials): Introduction; Institutional Racism; Internalized Racism; and Feminist Theory. NOTE: You must also study the slide images that are part of these sections.

Posted 4/4/2019
People: Please note:
Homework for Wednesday, April 10: Because of the in-class essay, I am assigning you just one item, and it is item no. 11A in Part A: AA-6 Readings (available via the same click-path as in assignment (C) in the next announcement below).
Note: The quiz on this item will be a written one.

Posted 3/28/2019
Folks: Please note:
1. Instructions for the essay (mentioned in class and due on April 10) will be available via a link on the left, shortly. Now available.

2. Homework assignment for the regular quiz for Wednesday, April 3 are these three items:

(a) The slide image number M2 available here. <--study the image really well.
(b) This document available here. <--Warning: this is a long reading. Study it carefully--including all the images.
(c) The reading available via this "click-path": Online Materials for Assignments --> Part A: Readings --> AA-6 --> 53. Pollution... <-- Study the images as well in this reading.

Posted 3/14/2019
People: Please note:
1) Regardless of whether or not you e-mailed me or talked to me, you must complete the missed class/test form (link on the left) if you missed a class or test for legitimate reasons.
2) I have to submit mid-term grades, so those who are allowed to make up a missed quiz or the mid-term test must do so during my temporary  extended office hours available here immediately after spring break (week beginning Monday, March 25).
3) Homework assignment for the regular quiz for Wednesday, March 27 are these four items:
  • (a) PART G of course assignment materials --> Section 1 --> scroll down the page to the category "PO: Politics..." --> read and digest item 40.
  • (b) PART G of course assignment materials --> Section 1 --> scroll down the page to the category "ED: Education..." --> read and digest items 55 and 57.
  • (c) Definition of the term "Objective Interests" from the course glossary (Part B of course assignment materials).
Always scroll down a web page to make sure you are not missing anything! Hello! (Do I really have to tell you that?)

Posted 3/8/2019
Guys: Please note:

1) There have been way too many absences in this class (and for the most part it is the same people involved). If you can prove that your absence(s) in class was legitimate through documentation, etc. then you can make up the absences. Otherwise, you will lose points at the rate of 10 points per each absence. Yes, this is in ADDITION to not earning any points for missing a quiz/test.

2) From now on, legitimate absences must be made up during my office hours by signing up for an appointment on a sheet that will be circulated in class next week.

3) Where you sit in class is the prerogative of the instructor. Therefore there will be some seat changes.

4) For the previously announced mid-term exam, coming up next week, you can bring handwritten notes only to the exam. When taking notes on readings use any headings that may be present in the reading as a guide. (If you haven't figured this out yet: headings are a form of summaries.) For AV materials, use only one or two words for each scene. (You have been watching AV materials since you were a toddler; so how come you never learned to notice scene changes.)

5)We will have a test (Mid-term exam) on March 13, Wednesday. What the test will cover is posted here.

Posted 2/28/2019
Folks: Please note:

1. We will have a test on March 13, Wednesday. What the test will cover will be posted here.

2. Homework assignment for next week Wednesday (3/6): these four items:
  • My class notes on the definition of "Democracy", available via this click-path: Online Materials...--> Part B (course glossary)  (Make sure you study the images too. You can bring handwritten notes only to class.)

  • My class notes on the definition of "Class", available via this click-path: Online Materials...--> Part B (course glossary)  (Make sure you study the images too. You can bring handwritten notes only to class.)

  • My class notes on the definition of "Political Capture", available via this click-path: Online Materials...--> Part B (course glossary)  (Make sure you study the images too. You can bring handwritten notes only to class.)

  •  Film assignment. NOTE: The film I am assigning you begins with examples of "socially-responsible capitalism" and "class struggle." The film then goes on to deal with examples of what I call "class warfare." (All these examples come from what I call the "corporatization of food production.") Link for the film: https://buffalo.box.com/v/food<-- You will have to watch this film twice.

Posted 2/23/2019

People: Please note:
1. Please read my policy on sending me e-mails here.
2. What to do if you can't access online assignments; read note here.
3. Homework assignment for next week Wednesday (2/27):
First, a note about this assignment: when there is massive inequality in any society arising out of the political capture of wealth by the bourgeoisie, it leads to a dangerous weakening of true democracy because of the deep frustration and alienation that it produces among the lower classes on one hand, and on the other, the resolve by the bourgeoisie to hang on to their ill-gotten wealth no matter what, leading it to engage in shameless demagoguery--of which scapegoating is foundational. This assignment for Wednesday's class next week comprising these several short videos should help you (when considered together) understand this important point.  
      • (a) Online Materials for Assignments --> PART G --> Section 2 --> scroll down the page to the category "CL: Class..." --> watch items 18, 1, and 2. 

      • (b) PART G --> Section 2 --> scroll down the page to the category "PO: Politics" --> watch item  11.
      • (c) PART G --> Section 2 --> scroll down the page to the category "MI: Misc..." --> watch item 13
      • (d) PART G --> Section 2 --> scroll down the page to the category "IM: Immigrants..." --> watch item 3 
IMPORTANT: I may also ask you a question on the note above.

Posted 2/13/2019


This is a two-part announcement. Please read it carefully.
(1) As agreed in class, instead of having class on Monday's you will be doing online available homework. However, I will be available for extended office hours on Monday's (from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm). Wednesday's office hours will remain the same. There will be quizzes on the homework every Wednesday class. (NOTE: If you don't do your homework or start missing classes we will have to go back to our regular class schedule.)
(2) Homework for Wednesday next week: please watch these three items for Wednesday's class: First,
watch the last 30 minutes of the documentary available via this click path: www.elegantbrain.com --> Online Materials for Assignments --> PART D --> B17(b1);
second, watch these two documentaries available via this click path: 
Online Materials for Assignments --> PART G --> Section 2 --> scroll down the page to the category "CL: Class..." --> watch items 34 and 36

Posted 2/11/2019


1. As announced in class today, please see these two documentaries for Wednesday's class available via this click path: www.elegantbrain.com --> Online Materials for Assignments --> This semester's... --> Stop... This Semester's --> Online Materials... --> PART D --> B17(a) and B17(b)

Posted 2/8/2019


1. As promised in our last class, here is the link to the documentary you must see for Monday's class:
https://buffalo.box.com/v/SecretsSAT  (It concerns "class" status and equality of educational opportunity.) NOTE: Clicking on this link should bring up a page asking you to click on "continue." Do that and it will lead you to the log-in page where you have to enter your UB username and password before you are allowed to proceed.
2. Even though the quiz is meant to earn you bonus points, it is mandatory. Penalty points will be assigned from now on for not doing your homework or for being absent.
3. With rare exception, I won't be sending you e-mail reminders about announcements in the future. Instead, you should make it a habit to visit this class-home page regularly.
4. If others in class are able to access this documentary, but not you, then use the computers on campus because there must be something wrong with the browser on your machine and/or what you must be doing. Do not use your phone to access the link.

5. You will have to take one-word notes for each scene of the documentary as you watch it.

Posted 2/4/2019


As promised in class today here is the link to the film assignment for Wednesday class:
Film title: "Places in the Heart"
Link: https://buffalo.box.com/v/Places.
Film may also be available on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Note: compared to today, the verbal quiz on Wednesday on this film will be a little more formal. Questions will be detailed to determine if you actually did this homework.

Posted 1/28/2019


Welcome to the class home page for AAS 355/GGS 354 which you are required to visit on a regular basis. This page will be redesigned and updated soon but in the mean time please check out the syllabus here


Analyze these two documentaries on the 2016 election from the perspective of gender, race, class, etc.



NOTE: We will have a short quiz on this material on Monday next week (February 4). You can bring handwritten notes to class.

For your interest:

A-Z Index of all UB websites

Miscellaneous Info (may or may not be relevant)


One of my favorite web sites (not recommended except for those with a lot of common sense): darwinawards.com Guys: If anybody knows the answer to the following question posed by the Dilbert Cartoonist, Scott Adams, let me know: "If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?"