SPRING 2019 / AAS 254
(Read the office hours policies available via this same link before you come to see me.)

Posted 2/13/2019


First, note this about the verbal quizzes: to repeat what is stated in the next announcement below, everyone either gets a point or does not get a point depending on whether a question is answered correctly or incorrectly (or not even answered). The person who screws up loses points altogether for the verbal quiz. If you are absent without a documented excuse you do not get points; instead you will be assigned penalty points.

Second, the verbal quiz on Wednesday next week (2/20) will cover these two films (take one-word notes):


Posted 2/7/2019


Given that quite a few of you did not see La Haine (link in the next announcement below) you should see it together with these two films:

https://buffalo.box.com/v/Fruitvale (Fruitvale Station)
https://buffalo.box.com/v/Rosewood (Rosewood)

1. NOTE: Clicking on these links should bring up a page asking you to click on "continue." Do that and it will lead you to the log-in page where you have to enter your UB username and password before you are allowed to proceed.
2. Make sure you take one-word notes as each scene changes as you watch the films.

3. The quiz in class will cover all three films, so don't screw up.  (Remember what I told you in class; if people do not do their homework, then you won't get an early break. So, its up to you.)
4. Even though the quiz is meant to earn you bonus points, it is mandatory. Penalty points will be assigned from now on for not doing your homework or for being absent from class.
5. If others in class are able to access these films, but not you, then use the computers on campus because there must be something wrong with the browser on your machine and/or what you must be doing. Do not use your phone to access the link.

6. With rare exception, I won't be sending you e-mail reminders about announcements in the future. Instead, you should make it a habit to visit this class-home page regularly.


Posted 1/28/2019


Welcome to the class home page for AAS 254 which you are required to visit on a regular basis. This page will be redesigned and updated soon but in the mean time please check out the syllabus here.


Download to your computer two films via the links below and view them with diligence. The download link will be at the top on the right when the pages come up. You will need your UB username and password.

(a) https://buffalo.box.com/v/life (Life)

(b) https://buffalo.box.com/v/LaHaine (La Haine)

Note: if the links do not work for you, but work for others, then there is something wrong with your internet connection or your web browser (or both). Try Firefox, if Chrome or Safari doesn't work.

We will have a short quiz on Wednesday next week (Feb 6) on these films--mainly to find out if you did see the films with care. You can bring handwritten notes if you wish. Best way to take notes on this material: use one or two main words for each scene to help you jog your memory. Do NOT view this material while texting, talking to someone, etc. 

For your interest: