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8. Documentaries and films streaming available via UB libraries here:
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(b) http://digitalcampus.swankmp.net.gate.lib.buffalo.edu/buffalo304245/#/browse


10 Test/Quiz Scores + Attendance Record

10(a) Grades Schedule

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11. Multiple-choiceTest Sample

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14. Term paper instructions

15 sankeymatic (plotting your finances visually)

15(a) WolframAlpha Computational Engine

16. Educational Success Readings Packet 



(Read the office hours policies available via this same link before you come to see me.)


People: Please go through these announcements carefully:

1. As indicated in the syllabus, and mentioned several times in class, there will be a final exam in this course on the scheduled date. You can check the day, time, and place for the exam via your exam schedule available through your UB HUB web page.

2.  Going by the syllabus, to calculate your grade: (a) first, convert all your scores--after they have all been posted--for the different components (3 tests, in-class essay, and the final exam) to a percentage and then add them all up. See link no 10 on the left. (b) Multiply your score by 0.2 (c) Look up the result in the grades schedule--see link no 10(a) on the left.

3. Do NOT send me e-mails about your final course grade. You will get no response. Plus, in any case, I stop reading school-related e-mails after the final exams are over. If, however, you still believe that there was a grade calculation error, then come and see me within the first TWO weeks of next semester and we will go over your scores. (NOTE: if there was an error against you the grade will be changed upward, obviously. However, if the error was in your favor then the grade will also be changed, but it will be changed downward.)

4. As I have mentioned several times in class, I will be taking up the entire three hours that have been scheduled for the final exam. In the first hour or so, I will present you with some material that will ALSO be covered in the exam questions. No, I am not doing this because I don't have any thing better to do with my time. Given that most of you will never take a course like this again because of your major, I want to make sure I squeeze out every second for teaching/learning that the school allocated to this course. As those of you who cared about learning will agree, in this course we have covered some really important material directly (or indirectly) relevant to your lives.

5. In the remaining two hours or so, you will be answering the exam questions. This a written exam, and you are not allowed to bring notes or anything else to the exam. Some questions will be multiple choice type, while some questions will be short answer questions, and a few will be long-answer questions.

6. In addition to item 4 above, exam questions will cover some or all of the following materials (including any images, textboxes and end notes/ footnotes that may be part of these materials): 

(a) Class notes for the period April 28 through to the end of this semester (see link on the left).
These two AV items assigned for the final exam: Food, Inc. and the broadcast of this PBS Frontline program on May 8th--also accessible via this same link after the broadcast. (First item is about class, that is corporations versus people, and the second item is about the brutality of race and scapegoating.) NOTE: Food, Inc may also be available via YouTube and is also available in the multimedia section of the campus library.
(c) Pages 1 through 4; 20 through 24; 28 through 47; 55 through 62; and 78 through 92 of reading CRN-14 available via this page here. (Don't forget to study all the images.)
(d) Readings 21; 26(a); and 46 through 51 available via link no. 7(a) on the left.
(Don't forget to study all the images.)
(e) These two definitions, "Objective Interests" and "Left/Right" from Online Course Glossary available via link no. 7 on the left.
(f) Images 6, 9, 26, and 30 from the section titled "RA: Race/Ethnicity" of Slide Images available from Part H of Online Course Materials available via link no. 7 on the left.

A note about e-mails:

1. Do not send me e-mails that do not begin with this proper salutation (Dear...) and closure (Sincerely,...), otherwise you may not get a response.
2. I only access my work-related e-mails several times a week. Therefore, if I see you (in class or elsewhere) before I have had a chance to respond you most likely will never get a response. Why? I will assume that your e-mail was not important, otherwise you would have talked to me about whatever was in your e-mail. Makes sense? Yes?