"Whiteness" Packet

The articles below are on the subject of "whiteness." Most people who consider themselves "white" in this country are absolutely clueless about the fact that their identity as "white" is an identity that is not rooted in biology. That is, there is no such thing as the "white" race. Instead, it is an identity that has been historically manufactured to serve specific political and social functions related to the development of U.S. capitalism and capitalist democracy. You must download the articles you have been assigned as per your class proceedings schedule. As usual, read them in their entirety, comprehend them, digest them and be prepared to be tested on them.

Instructions for Accessing the Articles
(a) Click on each of the highlighted headings below to get to the appropriate documents. When you are through with a document click on your browser's navigational "back" button, probably located at the very top of your screen on the menu bar, to get back to this page.
(b) Make sure that you see the entire document on your screen (by scrolling through the whole document from beginning to end) before you click on the print button. This will ensure that you print all pages of a document.
(c) Advice: do not use your home computer to print these documents; use the computers in school.