I am asking you to read, digest and be prepared to be tested on the required readingss in this packet (see below) for these reasons:
1. To give you an idea of why I teach the way I teach (my teaching method is not one that I just pulled out of my pocket, but rather it  is grounded in research).
2. To enable you to appreciate what it means to study at a place like U.B. (a research university). Too many of you have not completely shaken off the high school mentality you first arrived with in your first year in college. This mentality is described by Trout (below).
3. To enable you to understand that shouting slogans such as "I am good!" "I am somebody!" does not in of itself lead to high self-esteem. You raise your self-esteem by actually doing something, such as working hard to raise your grade point average.
4. To enable you to understand and appreciate what teachers in this school are trying to do for you: to help you to learn so that you can eventually succeed in translating your dreams into reality. Remember too:  in a research university (such as this one) teachers themselves are also engaged in learning (through research), so that, in part, they can be better teachers. If teachers have to learn constantly, what makes you think that you as a student are exempt from that process!
5. To enable you to survive and succeed at U.B.
6. To get you to understand that education means more than the pursuit of narrow career goals.
7. To get you to adopt an educational strategy that views learning as a lifelong process; and therefore what happens in the classroom is just a sliver of that process.

Question: what does the word pedagogy mean? A question to think about when your noggins are not occupied with intellectual thoughts.

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Required Readings in this Packet

Recommended (but not required) Readings in this Packet
  • Self-esteem and Educational Achievement
  • Pitts, White, Jr. and Harrison
  • Grade Inflation
  • General Education at U.B.

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