Class/Classism Packet
There is a common belief in this country that class divisions do not exist (or if they do then they are insignificant). On the contrary, in an advanced capitalist society, such as this one, class divisions are anything but absent. The popular perception of the absence of classes is a result of three principal factors: one, the failure to notice the elephant in the room--the corporation as the most important member of the capitalist class in the 21st century (even though the corporation is not a human being); two, the overwhelming victory of the capitalist class in its war on the working classes which has allowed it to convince the working classes, through its control of the media, that class divisions do not exist today (or are irrelevant); and three, the historic confusion within the white working classes (engineered by the capitalist class) that race divisions are synonymous with class divisions. The Parts in this packet provide you with an indication of how class and classism is manifest in this country.

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