AMS 568/TNS560
Fall 2021

Posted 8/29/2021

People, Folks, Guys,

Welcome to your class home page. Please go through this announcement carefully.

1. Whenever you send me an e-mail it must be in a professional format; that is, it must begin with a proper opening and closure--otherwise you may not get a response. Please allow 24 hours minimum for a response. A proper opening begins with Dear and ends with Sincerely. Look at the format of the announcement you received. The subject heading MUST always indicate your course. (I am teaching about 130 students across three classes.)

2.  You are required to visit this page regularly (at least once a week). From this page you will be able to access everything related to this class. Why this arrangement? For copyright reasons--especially with regard to homework materials.

3. This page will be redesigned slightly at some point soon.

4. The class syllabus is available here.  Go through the syllabus carefully because it also tells you how to access the homework materials. Do NOT wait to do the homework until the last minute! You may not have enough time to study the material carefully; plus the internet is not always reliable.

6. I hope you will find this course as informative and enjoyable as the effort I will be putting into it.

Study these slide images, by clicking on them: