Test/Quiz Scores


A course grade is a proxy (it can only be that and nothing more) for what is supposed to be the effort you put into a course and the measurable results of that effort. Not all teachers and students, anecdotal evidence suggests, appear to understand this. Anyhow, you may wish to note this with all the seriousness it deserves: In this class, you will never be assigned a course grade willy-nilly with little or no regard to your performance vis-à-vis course requirements (regardless of  how intelligent you think you are, or how much you claim you liked this course, or how much you think the instructor is the greatest [or worst] teacher since the dawn of time).


1. Once your final course grade is submitted at the end of the semester, in the absence of mathematical errors it will not be changed under any circumstances (see below).

2. When written tests/projects are graded, a three-step procedure is followed: first, all submissions are gone through to get a sense of the quality of what you guys have submitted. Second, they are carefully read again to identify a response (for each question, if more than one) that can be considered as the best when compared to that of others--this does NOT necessarily mean that this response will be the most ideal, that is an "A-grade," response. Finally, all the responses for each question, going question by question (if more than one), are graded using the best one as the benchmark. (For example: if the best response was assigned, say, a B, then all the other responses will not receive a grade higher than a B.)

3. If this was an online test, you will be subjected to additional controls to try and minimize cheating. Yes, I agree with you. You do not cheat; and you have never cheated in your entire life. But can we say the same thing about all your classmates? See the test instructions.

4. Grade points allocation for letter grades: available on your test scores page as well as in the syllabus. 

5. All course grades are FINAL. That is, as indicated above, once the final grades are submitted they are written in stone. They can NEVER be changed. <--- Read this sentence again.

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