Sent: Wed, Dec 09, 2020 07:55 PM
Dear All: 

Please go through this e-mail super carefully.

The end-of-semester instructions concerning your course grades, make-ups, and 
extra-credit are now available at

To those of you who missed the recent tests for whatever reason: please go through the 
Course Clarifications page (link is on the class home page). It explains why a test 
cannot be re-opened.

I had naively hoped that may be 8-9 students would require make-ups by the end of the 
semester; instead, I am dealing with about 30-40 requests (which means it is going to cut 
into my time to meet deadlines for school-related faculty mandates). And I won't even go 
into all the other issues I am dealing with, including deaths in my family, and a chronic 
disease that is classified by the government as an "orphan disease." (Look it 
up.) Therefore, I have had to come up with a system. Yes, extra-credit means extra work 
for me. Therefore, please show your appreciation by doing well on the tests and thereby 
improving your overall grade.

Please make sure you go through the instructions very carefully, so that you don't have 
to send me unnecessary e-mails (which may not get a response). 
Never send me e-mails that are not in a professional format as per class syllabus.

To those of you who did all the homework diligently as was required, I hope you did learn 
something meaningful in this course that will stick with you for a very long time to 
come, especially given the tons of hours I put into it (I have had to teach myself all 
the technical stuff in order to put material online); plus considering that this semester 
I have been dealing with close to 200 of you across all my classes (with no TA support). 
No, you are wrong. Teachers do not get paid extra for teaching large classes. (No. I am 
not complaining--I am glad I still have a job during this pandemic. In fact, I have 
increased my bi-weekly donations to the school. PART I of the online assignments 
depository page tells you about my other donations.)

Before I let you go, here is one more question: so, what concept I have taught you, 
concerning race, applies to this situation: There is a lady out there whose dad is a 
descendant of enslaved Africans from Jamaica, and her mother was from India. She married 
a white Jewish American (not all Jews are white) who has two white kids from a previous 
marriage to whom she is a stepmother. Hint: Spaces...

PS> (a) will be available to you whenever you want to access it--even 
after you have graduated (since no password is needed). This year alone, according to 
Google, there have been over 16,000 clicks on that site from countries across the world 
(including the U.K., Germany, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Switzerland, Egypt, 
Russia, Argentina, and so on).
(b) If you are able to, please support this project: (We must all 
do our part to make this world a better place, in the face of greed, corruption, 
oppression, and evil.) 
(c) If you did the "Earth Day" homework, then you will know that this pandemic 
is not a one-and-done deal. Plus, despite all the deaths, I think we have been lucky. 
Imagine if the symptoms of Covid-19 were similar to that of Ebola. 

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