Quiz/Test/Exam Scores
Important: Make sure you also read the NOTES that explain how your FINAL scores were arrived at. 


Formula for calculating your final course grade (per syllabus)

First, ignore the scores posted on Blackboard.
after all scores have been posted at the end of the semester, convert the scores for the two items below to percentages.

(a) Tests/quizzes (% average of all scores, worth 80%), so multiply by 0.8
(b) Term paper Project (worth 20%), so multiply by 0.2

And then add together all the scores for the two items. Finally, look up the points equivalent for letter grades on the preceding page, or on the test scores page, or here, to determine your course grade.

An easy way to do the above calculations is to use this formula in the WolframAlpha computational engine available here:
M x 0.6 + N x 0.2, where M=test/quiz scores, N=term paper project score.