AAS 253

Guys:  As announced in class today, please note the following with care:

1) The school has scheduled the final exam in our regular classroom (O'Brian 112) at 7:15 pm on Monday, 12/9/2019.
2) The final will cover, as announced in class today, these materials:
(a) All images from this document available here. (If you have time, you can glance through the text of the document because it will explain the connections between the images).
(b) Film: Comprehending Race-II (Section One)--available via the usual film list page here.
(c) Film: Comprehending Race-II (Section Two)
3) Please download the above films right away because they are not available anywhere else. If you don't have enough storage space on your machine get a USB drive for several bucks from the bookstore.
4) The quiz that was scheduled for today will take place immediately after the final in the same room.
5) The final is also worth two-grade levels.
6) I have new office hours for next week posted here.
7) The term paper score, plus scores for at least four quizzes are available now via the link in the left margin of the class home page.