Verbal BONUS Quiz 2 (AAS 293)  Yes. You can consult handwritten notes.

1. The article I had pulled up in class about Trump voters says something about race versus class in its conclusion that I stated I disagreed with. So what was my disagreement.

2. My disagreement is supported by the Foreword in the Textbook by the late Professor Derek Bell. So what is the main thesis of the Foreword (in support of which he also refers to two Supreme Court cases).

3. In the definition of Race/Racism there is a slide-image titled "The Columbian Project and its Aftermath." The image is made up of a collage of other images. Describe any two of the four themes that make up the collage.

4. In the definition of race/racism I indicate that the complexity involved in comprehending race/racism stems from a dialectical interplay between three factors (at both institutional and interpersonal levels), and on the basis of which at least ten critical issues that emerge out of this interplay have to be considered.  So what are these three factors?