AAS 100 / Fall 2018 / Assignments for the Final Exam
Folks: Please go through the following carefully. Failure to follow these instructions will not be an acceptable excuse. <--- Read this sentence again.

1.  I have new office hours for the exam week. Access them via the Office Hours link on the class home page.

2. You can bring handwritten notes only to the Final Exam. There should be no photocopied material attached to your notes or in your notebook or anywhere else. If you have such material I will consider it as cheating and therefore as grounds for giving you an F in the exam.

3. When you write notes on any of the assigned materials, always begin by noting the title (and the author, if indicated). When writing notes on AV materials use the key-word method (assign one or two word headings to scenes, but do not write sentences, to help you remember the scenes).

4. If the video items below do not stream, download them first to your computer. WARNING: Do NOT wait until the last minute because the whole class will be trying to access the material at the same time!

5. If most of you had come to class on a regular basis and participated in the verbal bonus quizzes, I would have assigned fewer materials for this exam.

6. If there are any images in the assigned material you must also study them.

7. Read, view, and digest the following materials, below.

A. Readings 

NOTE: If images are present in these readings you must study them too.

1. Items K, and R available via this click path: Class Home Page --> Syllabus Packet --> Section Three --> No. 1 (Educational Success Readings Packet)
2. This reading available here
3. Item no. 10 of TE: Technology (Clickpath: Materials for Course Assignments --> Part G (Links) --> Textual Material-->)
4. This item available here.
5. Items 6 from this page.

B. Definitions

1. Entire Section 3, plus images, of "Race/Racism" from the Online Course Glossary    
2. "Democracy," plus images, from the Online Course Glossary

C. Videos/Film 

1. The film La Haine (available in the undergraduate library, and probably on Netflix, and probably somewhere on the internet.) Note: although this is an old film, the film is still very relevant today.
2. First 5 minutes of this YouTube video 
3. This video
4. This video
5. This video <-- video will be disturbing.
6. This video  (yes, this is a repeat video)
7. First 5 minutes of this YouTube video   <-- video will be disturbing.
8. This YouTube video trailer  
9. This YouTube video