FALL 2017 / TNS 560
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Online Course Materials


Posted 12/8/2017


Materials I want you to study are these for the final exam: 9(c); 16(c); 16(d); 24(d-1); 24(k-7); 36(a); 39(e); 41(d); and 41(f).
Please make sure you study all text, textboxes, comments, and images.
Reading the "wrong" material excuse will not be acceptable.
You can bring handwritten notes with you. But no printed materials.
Three main questions I will ask in relation to these materials: What is the author's thesis/theme? How does the material relate to the course? What is your response to the author's thesis/theme?
I am changing the deadline for the syllabus assignment to December 18. It must be in my mailbox in Room 1009 Clemens before the departmental office closes at 4:30 pm.

Posted 11/15/2017


Instructions for doing (a) the teaching philosophy statement and (b) the syllabus  assignments are available via the link toward the end of this page.

Posted 10/16/2017


I have to submit soon mid-term grades for you. Rather than depend exclusively on my perception of your performance so far, I will administer two short quizzes connected with class participation. The first will be a written 30-minute quiz we will have on Wednesday coming up.
--It will cover three of last week's readings (definition of race/racism, indicated pages from CRN-14, and item 15c), PLUS this new reading I am now
Theory vs Context adding: 16b.
--NOTE: 15c and 16b are two different sides of the same coin, while the ot
her two items provide the theoretical background that helps to contextualize these two readings. Important: make sure you also study all images and endnotes/footnotes.
--Yes, you can bring handwritten notes to consult during the quiz, but no electronic or printed notes.

Critical: Yes, you must also study this Wednesday's readings for class discussion after the quiz.

Posted 10/10/2017

As per announcement in class last week, the instructions for your paper are available here. There are two changes I am making to the class announcement: (a) if you do a really good job on stage one, then you don't have to do stage two. (b) The number of references for stage one is between 6 and 8, of which no less than 4 must be from academic journals--despite what is stated on the instructions sheet.  (Now, what is there not to like about this deal?)

Posted 9/25/2017

Readings for this week:
  • Chapters 7 and 10 of item no. 9; 
  • 10(a);
  • 9(a);
  • All items (but not A and B) of 9(c).
  • PLUS these definitions from the Course Glossary (which is PART B of Online Course Materials): Deferred Gratification, Learned Helplessness, and Marshmallow Test.
Procedure we will follow: Each of you will be asked to summarize material and lead the discussion relating to it. IMPORTANT: do not read wrong items.

Posted 9/13/2017

As per our discussion earlier in class today, I am assigning you the four-item documents packet for Wednesday next week. (Yes, you must go through all four items and yes this as an additional reading assignment.) The packet is available here

Posted 8/30/2017


Welcome to the class home page for TNS 560 which you are required to visit on a regular basis. Your failure to follow instructions posted via announcements on this page will NOT be looked on kindly. You have been warned!  This page will be redesigned and updated soon but in the mean time please download and read ALL the documents below which will give you information on basic course requirements, the first reading assignments, and other such goodies.

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