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(Read the office hours policies available via this same link before you come to see me.)

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Posted 12/6/2017

Folks: As per announcement in class, please note:

1. My office hours will change starting from tomorrow. Link is above.
2. Reminder: All excused absences must be accompanied by the Missed Attendance/Test form (even if you have talked to me about it) and any missed work must be made up during my office hours.
3. Materials you must study for the Final Exam are as follows:

(*) Study ALL images plus only starred sections of the text (plus any accompanying footnotes) in this document: Race/Racism....
(*) Study ALL images and text in only items I, K, M, Q, and R available via this page:  Educational Success....
(*) Study ALL images and text in this document: Race in the Post-Civil Rights Era...
(*) Study ALL images and text in this document: "Title IX" and the Civil Rights Movement
(*) Study ALL images and text in this document: Patriarchy, Intersectionality, and the U.S. Prison System 

Posted 10/30/2017


As per announcement in class, the upcoming test (click on test dates link at the bottom of this page), will cover some or all of these materials:
(a) All starred readings from the syllabus for these dates:  October 2 through October 18.
(b) All class discussions from October 2 to the present. (See Brian's class notes--link no. 13 at the bottom of this page.)
(c) Items D4(a), D4(b), and G10 (including all episodes under "You Might Also Like" heading) from Part D of Online Course Materials.
Yes, this time around, you can bring any printed materials, notes, and the textbook to the test. However, please note: study these materials beforehand because a strict time limit will be enforced. This will be a difficult test for those who do not study the above materials.
Reminder: If all had done their work by coming to class and participating in the verbal in-class quizzes we would not be having this test. Yes? To those who did participate successfully, at least you did get bonus points.

Posted 10/9/2017


As per announcement in class last week, instructions for the term paper are available here. Please go through them with a fine tooth comb.

Posted 9/25/2017


As per announcement in class last week, we will have a test on Monday next week (October 2). It will cover some or all of these materials:
  • Chapter 1 of the textbook;
  • All class discussions since the last quiz/test;
  • The film Glory (stars Denzel Washington). I would like you to see the entire film, but questions will come from the first 50 minutes and the last 30 minutes.  Available on reserve in Capen library on the third floor (or maybe somewhere on the internet, YouTube?)
  • The film Lincoln. You must see it in its entirety. Available on reserve in Capen library on the third floor (or maybe somewhere on the internet, YouTube?)
  • The 14th Amendment (homework: info available here: https://www.thoughtco.com/us-constitution-14th-amendment-summary-105382)
  • The Dred Scott v. Sandford case (homework: info available here: https://www.pbs.org/wnet/supremecourt/antebellum/landmark_dred.html
Please use this Wednesday's class to begin accessing these materials. Yes, I will be available on Wednesday during my office hours, if you have questions.

Posted 9/13/2017


As per our announcement earlier in class today, there will be a test on Wednesday next week (9/20). It will cover the document titled "Writing Research/Term Papers: A Brief Guide" available in PART A of Online Course Materials via item no. M-8. Yes, to help you out I am making the test open book and it will comprise mostly multiple choice questions. NOTE: clicking on the appropriate link in M-8 will take you to another page titled Teaching Materials and there you will find the link to the document.

Posted 9/11/2017


As per announcement in class today, please see this one hour documentary by Wednesday's class: American Outrage. The film is available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/BH2UkBQyWwI  It is also, probably, available on Netflix. Remember to take notes. You know the deal now.

Posted 9/7/2017


This announcement, per class yesterday, is about the upcoming quiz on Monday (Sept. 11, 2017); however, first, some important reminders:

(1) Yes, you can bring handwritten notes to the quiz; repeat: only handwritten notes and nothing else.
There will be three types of questions on the quiz: Short-answer questions (requiring a few words or one or two sentences); long answer questions (requiring a short essay), and multiple-choice questions.

(3) When quizzes/tests are being constructed one of the main guiding principles is what may be called the "lazy student rule." (Lazy students either do not come to class regularly, and/or do not take notes, and/or do not study at all for the quiz/test, or minimally choose what to study according to their personal whims--instead of what the instructor tells them what the quiz/test will cover. Whatever the case, the questions presented are aimed at ensuring that lazy students do not pass the quiz/test.) 

Unexcused/undocumented absences, and/or coming late to class, and/or leaving class before it is officially over will all carry demerit points--
to be deducted from bonus points that may be earned from time to time by means of extra-credit assignments.  
(5) Do not send the instructor e-mails that do not begin with this proper salutation (Dear...) and closure (Sincerely,...), otherwise you may not get a response. NOTE: (a) If a class session intervenes before the instructor has had a chance to respond to your e-mail then you will probably never get a response. Why? Because it will be assumed that if you really needed a response then you would have talked to the instructor about it either immediately before or after the class session. (b) With rare exception, work-related e-mails will not receive responses on weekends or during school-breaks.

What the quiz will cover:
questions will be based on some or all of the following materials:

(a) All class proceedings (which includes lectures, discussions, news reports, web sites, audio materials, visual materials, etc.) covering the period August 28 through September 6.
(b) Items 1 through 7 under Announcement no. 1, below, that was covered in class--including the first two pages of the syllabus. <--- WARNING: Do not screw up on this section by assuming these materials are unimportant.
(c) All READING assignments in the syllabus (which is item 2 in the Announcement 1, below) for only Wed, August 30.
(d) The film assignment (The Journey of August King--available through Netflix, and/or the campus library, and/or YouTube, and/or Amazon streaming, and/or some other websites (such as Vimeo)).


Posted 8/28/2017


Welcome to the class home page for AAS 293 which you are required to visit on a regular basis. Your failure to follow instructions posted via announcements on this page will NOT be looked on kindly. You have been warned!  This page will be redesigned and updated soon but in the mean time please download and read ALL the documents below which will give you information on basic course requirements.

A note about e-mails:

Do not send me e-mails that do not begin with this proper salutation (Dear...) and closure (Sincerely,...), otherwise you may not get a response.

Important Links

A-Z Index of all UB websites

1. Office Hours: see link above. (Note: read the office hours policies available via this same link before you come to see me.)

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5. Complaints

6. Policy on Academic Freedom

7. Online Course Materials

7a Writing Research /Term Papers: A Brief Guide

7(b) Nelson Mandela Timeline (Comparative Study: The Black Struggle for Democracy in Apartheid (Jim Crow) South Africa)

8. Documentaries and films streaming available via UB libraries here:
(a) http://buffalo.kanopystreaming.com.gate.lib.buffalo.edu/
(b) http://digitalcampus.swankmp.net.gate.lib.buffalo.edu/buffalo304245/#/browse

9. Course Related News Links

9(a) Interview by Brian of Bill Maher 

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11. Test Instructions  


12. UB Policy on Sexual Misconduct

13. Class Notes  


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Liberals vs Conservatives on race

On stupidity

Frederick Douglass
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