What to Do If You Can't Access an Assignments Page

If you are among the very few who may come across this message "We are sorry you do not have access to this service. Please contact your organization administrator for access. Or sign in with a different account" when you try to access an assignments web page, then try one or more of the steps below. (Note: This problem only arises when the assignments page is hosted by Google Sites AND you haven't been practicing good computer hygiene habits.)

1. Switch your browser from Chrome to Safari, Firefox, etc.,
2. Sign in with a different Google account (not one associated with UB),
3. Switch your browser to a private mode (e.g. switch Chrome to the "incognito" mode via the drop-down menu somewhere at the top of your screen),
4. Clear your cookies and cache in your web browser (see below),
5. Use any of the computers in Lockwood Library,
6. Use your cell phone (if you have one).

NOTE: If I were you I would also remove all the commercial software that came loaded with my computer that I do not use. Such software is called "software bloat" and all it does is hog storage space while slowing down your computer. 
Practicing Computer Hygiene
How to clear your cookies and cache in your web browser.
Either go to the computer help desk in the library, or
read the instructions available here.

Folks, a long term alternative is to download and
install this nifty program called CCleaner,
available here.