Requesting an Incomplete

If you need a short-term incomplete please do the following:

(a) Send me a professionally formatted e-mail before Thursday 11:30 pm, May 20, that begins with this opening "Dear Instructor" and ends with this closure: "Sincerely," NOTE: I will ignore your e-mail if this format is not followed.

(b) In the subject heading of your e-mail copy the heading above.

(c) Copy and paste this exact wording in the body of your e-mail:

I will be grateful if you can give me a two-weeks only Incomplete which I promise to SATISFACTORILY complete within two weeks, that is by June 4, 2021--midnight.
If I fail to satisfactorily finish the Incomplete by June 4, 2021--midnight, then the existing default grade will apply--including the possibility of getting an F. Satisfactorily means doing all the required work and doing well on the tests.  I am fully aware that this is a big favor; that is, you are not obligated to give me an Incomplete. I am also aware that university regulations regarding Incompletes have left it to the discretion of the instructor to set the time-limit within which to finish the Incomplete--provided it doesn't exceed the time-limit set by the university.