AAS 254  Spring 2021
Homework/Test Schedule for Remaining Weeks

4/27/2021 [UPDATE: May 3] [UPDATE: May 10]
[UPDATE: May 11]

Folks, go through these instructions super-carefully:

  • (a) The formula for calculating your final course grade is on the Test Scores page--see link in the left margin of the class home page (preceding page).
  • (b) All your test scores will be available via the Test Scores page, but NOT your final course GRADES--they will be available through your HUB portal (NOT through the class home page).
  • (c) Once the grades are submitted, the school will NOT allow me to make changes to your grades. In other words, your grades will be written in stone. Therefore, I really urge you to take advantage of the two options below to improve your grade.
  • (d) Do not send me e-mails about your grades. You will not get a response.

  • All homework materials indicated on this page are available via the usual click-path: Homework Materials Depository (link is in the left margin of the class home page)--> PART A -->  Class Films List.

3) HOMEWORK for WEEKS 13 and 14:
Week Thirteen (beginning April 26). Please DOWNLOAD, view and study (without any kind of distractions) these two items:
(a) Video documentary: "World War II"
(b) Film: "Where Hands Touch" 

Week Fourteen (beginning May 3). Please DOWNLOAD, view and study (without any kind of distractions) these two items:
(a) Film: Tuskegee Airmen
(b) Video documentary: "World War I"

4) TEST DATE (May 10 through May 15)
  • Test date for Test No. 7 (which will cover all homework for Weeks 13 and 14): Monday, May 10 through Saturday, May 15 (usual time frame: 2:00 pm on May 10 to 11:00 pm on May 15).   [UPDATE: May 10: Test 7 is now available on Blackboard]

5) TEST 5--RETAKE (Optional) (May 3 through May 4) [UPDATE: May 3: Test 5--retake is now available on Blackboard]
  • As per announcement e-mailed to you, Test 5-Retake, will be available on May 3 through May 4 (usual time frame: 2:00 pm on May 3 to 11:00 pm on May 4). You can retake this test if you feel you need to improve your original score. NOTE: Questions on the retake will NOT all be the same as in the original test. (If I were you, I would go over the homework for that test again, but more carefully this time around.)
  • Test 5 will cover the same homework as per Announcement No. 6 on the class home page.

(6) EXTRA-CREDIT TEST (Optional) (May 11 through May 18) [UPDATE: May 11: This test is now available via Blackboard]
  • Extra-credit test: will be available Tuesday, May 11 through Tuesday, May 18 (usual time frame: 2:00 pm on May 11 to 11:00 pm on May 18).  You can use this test to replace your lowest score, OR alternatively, if you get a B+ or above then your entire final course grade will automatically be moved up TWO grade levels (meaning, for example, C- to C to C+).
  • This test will cover three film/documentaries that you have already been assigned this semester, as follows:
  • (a) Film: Just Mercy
  • (b) Film: Great Debaters
  • (c) Video Documentary: Film Score: Part Three (A. R. Rahman)

  • If you consistently did not do as well as you would have liked this semester across different homework materials, then you need to think about changing your strategy (e.g. no texting or gossiping or talking to your pet lobster, when doing the homework). 
  • NOTE: Most of you never figured out what the "lazy student rule" is, because you automatically assumed you knew what it is. I really, really urge you to look it up on the Test/Quiz Rules page.

(8) Good bye.
  • To those of you who did all the homework in the way you were supposed to, I hope you learned something in this class that will stick with you for a very long time, and perhaps even motivate you to do more good in your life.
  • Yes, its been a tough semester for me too (my failing health; deaths in my family because of Covid; all the homework for my classes in order to process the material for downloading and to create the tests; and other school commitments).