Journal of 
Critical White Studies

The Journal of Critical White Studies is an entirely world wide web based, refereed, academic journal. It is dedicated to the exploration of such issues / topics as follows (listed in no particular order):

'White' as an unstable, time and place dependent ethnic category;
Whiteness and 'normality' in the popular consciousness of  Western citizenry;
Whiteness as a determinant of social spaces;
Whiteness as a determinant of power relations;
Whiteness and urban planning;
Whiteness and its intersection with class relations;
Whitness and its interaction with race relations;
Whiteness, Colonialism and Imperialism
Whiteness and Marxism
The politics of whiteness in the academy;
How whiteness determines personal identity;
Whiteness, law and legal discourse;
Whiteness and the justice system;
The role of the media in the 'normalization' of whiteness (nationally and transnationally);
Whiteness and cinema;
White feminism and the interrogation of whiteness;
Women of color and their interrogation of whiteness in white feminism;
Whiteness and the politics of white supremacy (in the present and in the past);
Whiteness and concepts of human beauty;
Whiteness and Christianity;
Columbus and the origins of whiteness;
The history of the manufacture of the 'white race';
Whiteness and presidential politics in the U.S.;
Whiteness and the politics of immigration;
The politics of whites struggling against whiteness;
People of color and their perception of whiteness;
Whiteness and international relations;
Whiteness and psychiatry;
Whiteness and war;
Comparative white studies (Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, U.S., etc.).

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