University at Buffalo's
Department of African American Studies
celebrates the centennial of the founding of the
Niagara Movement (1905-2005)
Select materials related to the Niagara Movement
  • Declaration of Principles (1905)
  • Centennial proclamations by  state and local governments
  • Introductory overview and guide to sources for further research
  • Mary Burnett Talbert web links
  • Brief introduction to the Niagara Movement and short biography of Mary Burnett Talbert
  • Brief introduction to the Niagara Movement from The Reader's Companion to American History
  • Centennial of the Second meeting of the Niagara Movement (but the first on U.S. soil), at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia (1906-2006)
  • Call for Papers: The Niagara Movement at Harpers Ferry
  •  W.E.B. DuBois and the Niagara Movement
  • Booker T. Washington and the Niagara Movement
  • The NAACP
  • The Voting Rights Act: Among the legacies of the Niagara Movement
  • Select Bibliography
  • Photographs of signs enforcing racial discrimination available at the Library of Congress website
Calendar of Commemorative Events Summer/Fall 2005
  • Press Conference (including images)
  • Rededication of Mary B. Talbert Hall by President Simpson.
  • Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. (ASALH). Conference theme: "The Niagara Movement: Black Protest Reborn 1905-2005."
  • World premier of "Ode to the Niagara Movement," by Rey Scott.
  • Exhibition
  • Guide to sources for further research (prepared for the Department by Charles D'Aniello)

Responses and Comments
  • National News Report (NPR). 
  • Local news reports after the press conference
  • Proclamations by the state and local governments
  • Report in the university newspaper, The Reporter
  • Report in the university student newspaper, The Spectrum
NAACP Amenia Conference, Troutbeck, NY 1916
Mary Burnett Talbert seated second row center; and 
W. E. B. Du Bois standing 5th from left.
photo: courtesy: NAACP Collection, Library of Congress


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